Real lifeguard saving

in funny •  4 months ago

This week on vacation has been nice, sun, beach, and food. Yesterday was our second day on the beach and we were doing some body surfing. We also had some boogie boards, and no it was not Boogie cousins either. boogie-board-rental-south-padre-island-6.jpeg One of our members of the group made it a little too far out. But they never seemed in trouble, so I made my way out there, just as the life guard started our way. He grab out member of the group and then yelled at me to get to where I could touch. Well I swam 20 feet to waste deep water, and was waiting there. That was not good enough for him he told us he wanted us on the sand. I laughed and then swam in , I get that they take their job serious, but we were riding waves in and out, so it was not like we were in distress ever. But we listened, and just went and ate lunch instead. lifeguard.jpg

Enjoy the 4th

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Boogie Cousins....LOL!!
I just got back from the beach. Have fun and be safe sir!


Ya, I don't know if I would joke to his face, that guy is huge, but over the internet it is easy.

Wow very beautiful post sir. I like it.very nice funny. thanks for sharing your post