Pella windows Really?

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Yesterday I started a job, and it is in a older part of town. The homeowner knows that a lot of the stuff done, was not to code, and was done wrong. There were some pretty weird things done, and frankly doing them wrong is sometimes even harder than doing them right. But he just replaced 5 windows from Pella, and they claim to be the best out there. They are the premier window supplier in the country, and this is how they left the job. 20180627_080854.jpg


They told him that if you wanted it more filled in we left you another tube of foam.... geee thanks. There is a half inch gap all the way around the window filled with foam that is exposed. He asked me what we could do for it, and I said "We can call Pella and tell them to get their butts out here and fix this crap. " It amazes me what people are willing to accept as finish work from people. Especially when you pay like 5 thousand for windows.

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That's terrible. I thought they were supposed to be high-end, but if that's how they're leaving it, maybe you just go with the cheap guys and get the same result. Grrr.


Ya he is calling them today, and is getting them back out there to fix it right.

Oh damn homie! I'm having a remodel of my kitchen and bathroom done as I type this. I will make sure that it's done correctly before they leave my house.
They have just delivered my cabinets an hour ago


Nice, looks like you are living in a kids fort with all those boxes around.


Lol, I do bro! My wife and I was just talking about that.😂

This post i so funny as it is real
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Thanks for sharing 😂

Woo that is is kind of pretty expensive cost I suppose yet not fully satisfied with the work done !

So what is the right way to finish the job? Do you put a piece of trim over the ugly foam?

Pay so much money for a job done wrong? It's not fair. With this type of notes and many we learned how bad they work and even some of them can read it and take action on it.