My Quest to meet brian.rrr

in funny •  7 months ago

So It is not everyday that I go to a state with someone I talk to on steemit, but I am in California all week for the 4th. I am hoping to be able to meet up with him, but this guy never seems to check his steemit chat. Also California is of course the smallest state, but I might not even be close. quest.jpg

So I am on the great quest, and am sending out a S.O.S to brian.rrr

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Greetings @bigram13.

Here's wishing you and yours a good time whilst you are on holiday......and that you will have opportunity to fulfill your quest. ^__^

Please give my regards to @brian.rrr and family if you are successful.



Thanks, I will tell him you say hi. Have a great week.

Hahaha, ok, I will check Steemit Chat! You aren’t going to try and sell me amway or cutco knives are you?


Why you need a vacuum? I have a amway vacuum, and it is the best.

Well, you could start your quest at a Dodgers game. You could even wear your Diamondbacks attire while you search. If you don’t find him there grab a fishing rod and James’s to the nearest lake, stream or fishing hole and see if he is dropping a line. If that don’t work then you can search for him out and about with his kids. Good luck on your quest. Lol

He sounds familiar, i think he is in the steemsilver community

Hello i gave you an upvote dont forget to follow me for future upvotes & i always follow back

Ha ha, yeah you could be in the middle and if he's in the south, you could still be a day's drive away. Heh.

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