More than a Hobby

in funny •  3 months ago

This weekend, I went and spent some time with my family in California, and while we where there I noticed something. I was staying across the street from a guy, who had a motorcycle. He was cleaning the motorcycle when we got there, and continued to clean it for the entirety of the weekend. Just when you thought his obsession would not end. He actually put cones around it to make sure his guests stayed away. During the whole time I was there, he never once rode the thing. 20180910_070056.jpg

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Exquisite observation

Lol thank you for sharing!

Haha xD Maybe it needed to be fixed :D

Now, imagine this guy at work. What do you think he always wants to talk about?? LOLOLOL There is such a thing as too much.

Nice things are meant to be cleaned and displayed for everyone to see, but they are under no circumstance to be used for use or enjoyment (in ways other than cleaning and excluding people from using). ;)

Your post reminds me of something I saw in a newspaper in England some years ago.

A woman decided to sell her car as she is getting too old to drive it. She mentioned she has owned it for over 30 years. When people learnt that the car has only got 1500 miles on the odometer, collectors started to compete for her car and she was paid more than double what a brand new car of that make would cost.

She only used it for going to the local mall, less than a mile away a couple of times per month! The rest of the time it sat in her garage, filling some need, by her, to be the owner of a, you could say, it more than paid for itself.