Have a Bad Day

in funny •  3 months ago

Whenever you are having a bad day, but it really is not that bad. You get people who want to you to look at that glass half full. I like to think of things could always be worse, and I would look at this guys house. 20180803_145839 (1).jpg During a wind storm this guy had two massive pines fall on his house. They were from the neighbors yard, but were already gone by the time I showed up. In his case, it could have been worse too. 2 feet higher on the roof, and we would have had to take all the trusses of, and he would have had a mess inside his house.

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life is all about perception!


Ya, sometimes it is.

As you say, it could have been worse


ya, it could have been worse.

Now that's a bad day!

Wow!! That must have been one heck of a wind storm or some big trees. Weather is such a damage creator.

That sucks. Hope he had insurance.