Free of Netflix

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So I have been talking about it, leaving Netflix. I have just been disappointed with the content they have on there. I have seen most of it, and a lot of it I am frankly not interested in it. I would say it is crap, so we canceled our subscription a week ago. It honestly took us longer to find something to watch, then to watch it. Multiple times we just gave up and went to bed. download.jpg

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@bigram13, Soemtimes leaving and letting go is good. Hope that you will find something else where you will going to get the entertainment which you need. Stay blessed.


Ya, should just get rid of tv all together.


Enjoy your time ahead.

Seems to be full of c grade crap these days, I'm quite unimpressed with how shit it's getting. Stan isn't much better either


Ya, I went to hulu for a try, but I just probably need to cut out tv

It’s kinda sad that I have to agree when they were a smaller business they focused on quality original content, with cool concepts and weren’t afraid to take risks because they wanted to make a name for themselves now that they’ve reached this level of the front runner of streaming services they are instead playing a numbers game and looking at lowest common denominator content what has the widest appeal for the least amount of money spent and shill out as many of these project as possible!

I really used to enjoy Netflix originals and some of my favourite shows got cancelled after 1 season yet your putting out this trash!

I think the 3rd party titles are also waking up and telling Netflix to fork over cash for rights so they’re also being cautious about what they can list there!

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Some of the Netflix originals are great. They were the only thing keeping us around for so long. When Netflix first came out they had a lot better content, and then everyone became their competitor and started pulling their stuff.