Flex Seal Explosion/Review

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So today, my wife left to go run a errand. She left the baby with me, and I put her down for a nap. That is when I thought I would be productive around the house. I have had a can of flex seal, that I needed to use to fix my gutters. I always see the commercials, and it looks so easy. 20180821_174208.jpg
Well I go to the backyard and start there. Spray it on, no big deal, then off to the front of the house. This is where it got crazy. I clean off the spot I need to shoot, and then start spraying it on. Boom it explodes into a ball of fire. I jump off the ladder, my face and hair are burned as I can smell them, and about 4 feet of my gutter is on fire. I comely grab the hose and put the stuff out. I was a little startled but un hurt. I don't know what caused it to explode, maybe the static electricity. Here are some pictures of the aftermath. 20180821_180850.jpg


You can see that my hair was scorched a bit, be careful if you use this stuff. Will let you know if it at least fixed my gutters.

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OMG!!! Random exploding cans? Funny thing is, I was just talking about how I needed to grab some of this stuff to do some sealing up of some minor things around the house. After seeing this I might want to reconsider that idea. Stay safe my friend.


It looks like it worked, but you just need to make sure to ground yourself.

That is nuts! We're you near the place where your power lines hook into the house? What did the can look like after it exploded?

Seems like you got pretty lucky considering what could have happened.

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No, my power is ran underground, it had to be a static spark that light it up.