Did Roger Ver just lose a bet with Charlie Lee?

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I think Roger Ver might have already lost a bet before it even started. Can't wait to see him wearing a lightning network or litecoin shirt lol

So I just watched this video today and within it Roger Ver wants to make a bet with Charlie Lee. Roger said and quote, "In 18 months from now, there will be less than a 1000 merchants in the world accepting lightning network payments".
The terms were that whoever lost the bet would wear a t'shirt of the other persons choosing and in 18 months from now make a video admitting they were wrong.

watch from 10:45 if you just want to see the bet they made

Charlie quickly agreed to Roger's bet and the two shook hands. I think I now know why Charlie was so confident because I later stumbled across this:


Does that mean the bet is done and dusted haha?


Wow, but maybe in 18 months everybody has stopped using them, favoring some other thing? Timed bets have to go to time....

Thats just an interpretation though!

Haha yea that would be funny, only time will tell ;)

@bengiles, the debate between Charlie Lee and Roger Ver was really funny to watch. I am a supporter both of BTC+LTC and BCH. But I wish the LN expands significantly in the next 18 months. I check the LN capacity everyday. At the moment it is 110 BTC.

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I really enjoyed the whole thing too. I really thing Roger doesn't do himself any favours though the way he conducts himself in these debates. Seems to push his agenda a lot and comes off quite rude. Just my view though :) And yes me too but I think the capacity will increase with time at least i hope so :)

@bengiles, yeah, Roger is a bit emotional.

sweet post kiwi bratha....have a good weekend :)

Cheers brah, may the sun shine down upon you this weekend, its shaping to be a mighty fine one :)