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Brilliant picture you drew also!
All round splendidness!

Wow, I'm a man, so your contests looks quite off for me you know, I don't have nipples lol, but hmmmmmm that's inspiring, you should know I go all gibberish when I see nipples,
I'll resteem your contest posts so my female friends can participate as well.

  ·  last year (edited)

You don't have nipples how abnormal...blah. lol Everybody has nipples not everyone has breasts and even then you got man boobs out there in the world if the guy is really heavy haha. But yeah I call bs on the no nipple thing. I enjoy a nice small nipple on men maybe a good dose of chest hair around things.

If you're not willing to do it don't bother asking for them from some random women. Why should they when you can't even show a nipple that is allowed to openly be shown anytime of the day?

The contest was meant for both sexes

This x10^6

Not sure if it's what you're looking for but technically I think this qualifies...


Nice-NICE.😍 The contest post has all the rules, though. And for 10 and 5 SBD gotta follow em. Someone might double the prize pool soon too😊 ...so there is always time to try again and maybe win a little more in a little bit. I will take these free nipples though, Oh eye! Yay first nips!

Guess I missed a couple of those terms and conditions. Oh well - enjoy anyway!

  ·  last year (edited)

Aww, quitter lol, you have so much time to re submit. Someone has to give @sandrina.life a run for her money ha ha.

We'll see. I don't think there's any competing with that marvellous angel!

That's actually not my body by the way. I'm significantly less hairy. Despite my Scottish ancestry I've actually got the torso of a 10 year old boy or maybe a Korean. For some reason all the hair went to my legs and eyebrows.

Then your really not following the rules! Blah I take my vote back. Nipples for my steemit birthday or get the fuck out! lol

I need some wake up coffee


Thanks for the early morning. Giggles and lovely nipple shots :-)

ha ha don't forget to submit it to the contest!

I'm on my phone now and can't figure it out plus I didn't know about the paper verification note, I mite try again later :-)x