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It's been warm and rainy here in Illinois and the coral fungi has hatched out everywhere.

This is a new find for me I know its a type of ramaria though I just don't know its exact latin name.

Here's another shot of the strange coral fungi, I wonder if its edible...

This ramaria resembles crown tipped coral though this one lacks the tiny crown tips at the top. The locals say that the Amish eat this but I've read that it can cause stomach aches. I also took a tiny nibble and it had no taste to it.

Here's a closeup of the ramaria. Note the blunt ends. This looks alot like crown tipped coral from a distance but lacks the little box crown on the top.

Here's what crown tipped coral actually looks like. It also only grows out of wood rather than earth like the previous fungi.

This is also a first for me, eyelash cup fungi aka Scutellinia scutellata.

Its a tiny fungi that is easy to overlook. Fortunately they are bright red.

Here's some kind of amanita my best guess is an Amanita daucipes aka carrot-foot amanita though this is just a guess.

Here's the bottom of the amanita. Happy #fungifriday @ewkaw

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That’s awesome. I like how it resembles something you’d find on the sea floor.

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There's a pink coral fungi that grows around here, someday i'll find some.

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I envy you the rainy weather. Nothing grows in Poland now and all green places turn to a savanna...
Beautiful shroomsies!

That happens here around august then late september they're back again.

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So beautiful
First pic is my Favorit
Resteemed :)))

I still haven't been able to identify it.

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Hello! I love the approaches taken in each shot. The photographs look impressive and convey the full potential of nature. Congratulations.

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I don't think I've ever seen coral fungi before, that's some weird looking stuff! :-)

I have found some up near traverse city last time i camped there. Just look aroud really rotted logs after a rain.

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WOW...How amazing they really look like the under water coral so colorful look good enough to eat actually :)

Some of it is really gourmet for cooking.

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Every year i find something new.

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And at the same time, if you go to the same place under the same weather conditions, you should find the same mushrooms.

Looks the same for me. I think difference is caused by local conditions. Seen that diversity in ramaria places

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There's also the taste test, crown tipped is stingy like pepper. The ramaria growing out of the ground was bland. One day i'll find the pink one that grows around here.

Great fungi growing weather! Those coral fungi are so beautiful... great finds!

I have to see if the top one is edible, i've never seen this kind around here for the 17 years i've lived here.

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I really miss being able to get out into the woods!

Beauty of Nature, even though everybody ignore them

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I just go out into the forest after a rain and there's plenty of interesting fungi to find.

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Beautiful fungi👍

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Thanks, fungi hunting is a fun hobby.

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