10 #FunFacts About Me - At Least I Hope You'll Find Them Fun

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I was just about to start writing my post, when I saw this post by @surfermarly on my feed! The title made me wanna click on it right away and I really enjoyed reading some fun facts about her! I am a sucker for these kind of posts/tags so I can't help it, I have to write my own version of 10 #funfacts!


10 fun facts about me:


After a night out, me and my friend took a bus back home in the early morning hours. By the time the bus came to our place, we were the only ones left and as we both fell asleep, we missed our stations and the driver woke us up when we reached the final station. Luckily, our place is the last one so we just had to wait 10-15 minutes for the bus to go towards the city again.


When I was born, my brother B. was 13 and my brother S. was 12 years old. When I came home from the hospital, S. was carrying me around since day one but it took a long time for B. to hold me.


My mom really doesn't like tattoos so I tried to prank her once when I got a stamp at the party. It didn't work, lol.



I won a few giveaways on Instagram. Once I received a 5$ Starbucks giftcard that I still haven't used because we don't have Starbucks in Serbia.


When I was about 6 years old, I was attacked by our rooster in the backyard. I was throwing corncob at him and one day he decided to get his revenge by jumping on my back and poking me. Well, I guess I deserved it.


In high school, during the PE class, as I was at the door stepping out on the sports court, a guy from my class who was training football (soccer), hit the ball at that moment, and from all the places the ball could go, it went straight to my forehead. The hit was so hard that I went few steps back and almost fell on my ass. I took off my glasses before that, so I just ended up with a little bruise. It felt like my brain had an earthquake though.


I think that many of you know English is not my first language and some words I just cannot pronounce, like 'regularly' for example.


At this place where I used to go out often, every time you order one out of two cocktails that were promoted, you can throw two dices and if you get them matching, you win your match, it could be sunglasses, t-shirts, another cocktail. I ordered 3 cocktails that night, and for each of them I got my dices on another cocktail, so 6 in total. My friends won some too so we ended up with a table full of mojitos.



I remember one time my mom took me to the pediatrician for my regular check up. As we were walking towards our bus station to go home, I felt sick and told my mom I need to throw up. As there was no place to do that since we were on the street, I threw up in a trash can because I couldn't hold it anymore.


Few weeks ago, when I got to the fitness center for Zumba class and got changed, everything was fine until I realized I had a hole in my leggings on my butt. It was small and not that noticable. I was standing in the back row, just in case.

So that's it! I hope some of these facts were actually fun! Everyone is invited to share their own with the tag #funfacts! Let me know if you make your own version of this post.


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I couldn't hold it anymore i need to burst into laughter.....your leggings has a hole on the butt....i wonder what would have happened if you didn't notice it in time.....Lolz


I'm glad that made you laugh, lol.
Luckily, it stayed small haha. But yeah, it was awkward. :D

Hey. I was attacked by a rooster too when I was about the same age.
I loved reading all these fun facts about you.
Have a lovely weekend my friend.


What a funny thing to have in common, haha.

Thank you, I hope you had a nice weekend and happy Monday!:)

Simpaticno Nikolina! :) Kul je bas sto dijelis ove male ludosti iz zivota sa Steemitom. :)


Hvala Nikoleta! :)

Ponekad mozda i podelim previse ali eto, bar me ljudi mogu bolje upoznati. :D


Nista nije previse kad shvatis da si takva kakva jesi dovoljno dobra za sve, onda je lako da se sve dijeli. :)

no. 2 sounds kinda logical for me my lovey , hehe. and you naughty playing prank on mom about the tattoo, LoL, good night from PH @nikolina ❤️❤️❤️😘


Haha, yes, things changed when I grew up a little bit, lol.

I hope you enjoyed your special day yesterday! ;) <3

Hmmm... hard, but I am going to pick number 2 and say that it is a lie, just a lucky guess, all of them sound true to me :)


Oh, this is not "10 facts, 1 lie" think, hehe. I did that one before.
There's so many things going on, it can be confusing sometimes, but this is just simple 10 fun facts about me tag. They are all true. lol :)


hahahaha, and I was concentrating so hard to figure out the lie :D :D :D

I love reading stuff like this :) Always learning something new about my followers :D
And 'regularly' is really hard to pronounce haha I feel you. I try to avoid this word whenever I can


Me too, I love reading these types of posts and I also enjoy writing them.

Hahaha, you feel my "pain"! :D

Have a great week dear! <3


Thank you, you too! <3

Haha seriously sis a tattoo and a stamp haha. And about that hole haha. It would have been embarrassing if someone would have noticed haha.


Somehow I managed to hide it a little bit and luckily it stayed small, it didn't get any bigger which would be even more embarrassing, haha.

Lol, I had a great time reading this fun post. By the way from the 10 fun facts about you, I really can relate to number 7, I "regularly" have issues pronouncing some words. English isn't either my first language :)


I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D
It's always great to hear when someone can relate so I know I'm not the only one with this "struggle" haha. :)

I had not seen this but I'll definitely make a version!
Posdate: This is how i imagine the number 10 hahahaha


Hahaha, that is so funny! :D

Let me know if you make a 10 fun facts post, I would love to check it out. :)