The Selflessness of Fundition

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I have recently been reading some articles about @fundition written by my fellow members of the @teamuganda steem community and they made me realize how selfless this project is.
First and foremost it's a crowdfunding platform meaning it's there to raise funds for a good cause. Provide health care for a sick patient who can't afford it, help a student realize his/her dreams by funding their education, bring to life an innovator or inventor's dreams by funding their start-ups and start projects among other things. Fundition is here to do that.

Secondly, it is decentralized and that's the best part. In Uganda there have been competitions for innovators and inventors usually organized by reputable organisations with even government support. At the end of these competitions, the winner(s) are given awards and capital to fund their award winning projects. It was amazing to say the least until i heard rumours from previous competitors that the said prize money was basically a buy-out. You forfeit your project and walk home with cash and let the organization start from where you stopped. They develop your great idea and profit from it. This is due to how centralized the system is. The chain of command dictates and that's it. You get paid but your soul stays with your lost project. Even if one had relied on a centralized crowdfunding instead of one organization, a similar instance could have happened. You submit your entire project for review and management decides to keep it and give you peanuts for it instead. But now we have fundition where you can pool funds without the troublesome middleman. What's more selfless than creating something and letting it help others without your control or interference or even benefiting directly from it. Kudos to the creators.

It gets even better when you realize there's no taxes to be paid since it uses the Steem blockchain. Adults must know how relieving it is to learn that there's a tax exemption somewhere. Huh. Amazing. All funds collected primarily go to supporting the cause or project for which they were pooled. No fees to the founders. No taxes to government. No jurisdiction operating fees to the jurisdiction's administration e.g a country, state, district etc. No paperwork involved.

I don't trust quickly but Fundition has "TRUSTWORTHY" written all over it.
More information on and @fundition.

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