KINGDOM. March 23

in fundition •  2 months ago

On Saturday, March 23th, the Kingdom was open. We celebrated Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day but of course mostly we played our board game "Rimland". As usual with regulars but not only...

First gameplay You can see here in 360 degrees.


The second game took place between Steemians - @wawrzyniec, @steemres and @hallmann. It took more than two hours and was full of twists and turns of action on the battlefield. @hallmann won. Next was @wawrzyniec. @steemres finished in third place.




On March 22 we did tenth tasting of our chocolates. After 40 days milk chocolate (60%) is less intensive but still quite good. Taste of "dark" one (75%) is acceptable but the consistency has changed (it is more brittle). A sediment is big on both.


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