Flood Relief in South Indian state of Kerala - Update 29 - Updates on new Donations and Support

in fundition •  6 months ago

Dear Steemians,

This is the 29th update post for the Fundition.io project I have created with regards to the fundraising for flood relief activities in the form of the donations to the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund in the South Indian State of Kerala.

Here is the link to the Fundition.io project I have created: https://fundition.io/#!/@coolguy123/9a52q7rmd

Image Courtesy and owner of the image: @fundition

This is the sixth update blog I am presenting to you with regards to the updates on funds received so far in the form of donations and upvote support for the Flood Relief activities in the South Indian state of Kerala and here is the last update I had given.

We didn't have much activity in last one week because of Hardfork 20 update, but we had some payouts for the older posts after our last update posts.

We had a post payout value of 17.757 Steem and 46.927 SBD as part of these posts since SBD is being paid out recently instead of Steem.

The details are as below:

So, the total realized donations amount including these 5 post payout amount stands at: 393.907 Steem 411.664 Steem and 15.236 SBD 62.163 SBD.

I have been reaching out many people with regards to this charity work and one such things is joining whaleshares.io upon suggestion from Givens Community.

Givens is also supporting the fund raising activities just like @fundition and I am just keeping my fingers crossed to get support from Givens as well in our effort of reaching the stipulated goal at the earliest.

Previous Donation and Support Update post links:

Update 1

Update 2

Update 3

Update 4

Update 5


Thanks for the votes, comments and resteems.

I am a proud member and supporter of below communities:


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I wish you all the best and you are doing the right thing, creating post, calling for help, otherwise, as we humans are we tend to ignore something that we do not involved into or we do not know.


Thank you @stef1.
Yes, I need to keep updating on this project once in a while to get the support from @fundition in the form of it's bigger upvotes towards the goal I set.

It also brings support from others who follow me just like you did :). So, however small the individual contributions, those all counts towards the goal.

Thanks again for your support. :)

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