Found a few Typos on website , in the middle of the start page it should say Projects not project where it says "Start to Fund Impactful project" and a few others in this post. Still an AMAZINg project, the Kickstarter/Indigogo of Steem!

in fundition •  17 days ago

I love the foundation website SO much! But I found a glaring typo where it should say "projects" says

"Start to Fund Impactful project"

It should say "Start Funding Impactful projects" to sound better.

Im not sure its actually even correct English to say "Start to fund Impactful project" like a sentence fragment, but maybe would be better if it said

"Click Here to fund an impactful project"

Maybe someone in the comments can find an even better way to phrase this.

Ahh I knew there would be more so heres another

Donate with most of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Steem, etc...

It should say

Donate with most cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Steem, etc...

ALSO where it says

While other platforms pays weekly or only if the project is successful, on Fundition donations go instantly to your wallet.

change "pays" to "pay"

ALSO where it says


Just change that to "AVAILABLE SUPPORT"

Also where it says

0% Fees its our promise for each Founder and Backer with Steem Account.

Its a little awkward here and incorrect grammar and should say "is" instead of "its"

Ok @fundition @fundition-io I REALLy Love your website, and it really is the kickstarter for steem that I have been asking for and I am so glad we have this on steem!

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The website has been great for the first look i have seen it. Although i am still yet to explore it fully but is still look great to me