Sketch puppet STEEMUP / STEEMON image blockchain steem / Puppets in the Community Update # 84

Sketch puppet STEEMUP / STEEMON image blockchain steem / Puppets in the Community Update # 84

Today I bring you the first proposal of the puppet that I will elaborate and which I intend to become the voice of #steem through a puppet. The sketch is a glove puppet which I will make in the same way that the puppets in the community workshop are made.


The materials to build the puppet are a plastic bottle, newspaper, white glue, blue and white paint. The fabric used in the trunk is also aspired to be recycled, foam styling rubber that resembles the #steem logo, this technique is generous to the environment as it does not require an exaggerated amount of polluting products.
In this way I intend to know more closely how the children of the puppet workshop in the community perform the preparation and manufacture of a puppet, the main thing will be to choose a bottle of plastic mineral water in perfect condition, the same will be used to make the head of the doll, then apply a wash to proceed to place strips of newspaper to generate at least 7 capable paper uniforms.


The fabric will be recycled from the remnants left in the sewing centers, I'm still thinking about whether to leave the #steem logo on the flannel or just give a more artistic form to the clothing. Also, this is the first illustration type sketch after this publication I will make other proposals of puppet types, I am only taking into account the ecological way of elaboration.


The manufacture of a glove or puppet finger type can take up to 1 week depending on the weather because the drying of paper and glue is only done naturally. In the first campaign of the puppet workshop in the community I shared a video tutorial on how to make a finger puppet step by step. I also plan to publish the manufacturing process of the selected puppet.


The advantage of this puppet is that it can be used in a versatile way with any available scenario, I'm still giving the cinematic treatment to this way of making puppets since in the classic way it depends on the vision of the spectators in this case the vision will be able by the viewer that even if he is far or near the screen of a telephone or a television or pc monitor the plane and vision will be always the same unless he changes his location. Moreover, it does not mean a risk and the environmental impact is minimal and that is the central idea regarding the manufacture of the dummy, adding the practical and comfortable way of handling the dummy.

In my previous publication I expressed that this is the first of a series of publications related to this topic that I know will help a lot to the image of steem through the art of puppets, as well as a fun and entertaining way to show the collaborators of the project puppets in the community how the project is going and how the money is raised.
If you wish to comment or give any suggestion it will be welcome, the more users the puppet is involved, we will all have a sense of belonging.

Remember to check all the puppet updates in the community in order to know the project better.

To read all about this project and find out how you can support it, visit:!/@arrozymangophoto/z31fxh41j simply by clicking on the link: Puppets in the Community PROJECT and be sure to check out the profile of steemit @arrozymangophoto

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You are doing great work!

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