Blockland, puppet play based on Blockchain. update 5

This post aims to provide a clearer view on the work developed for the puppet workshop in the community, this is the first draft of how the work is staying. I have been writing with the help of some children and representatives who have contributed ideas.

I hope this will be ready in the course of next week. And once it is fully finished with all the technical and aesthetic details plus the script will be published on the steemit platform for free use by the entire community. I am even thinking how to bring the work to a universal language that can be understood anywhere in the world.

This is a work based mainly on Blockchain, and I must admit that I have never written a work whose main theme is technology but due to the depth of the blockchain, I found it interesting to play with these elements to show through the art of The Puppets How the blockchain works. At the moment the story is based on two worlds. One of them is like the Earth and the other parallel where everything is based on cryptographic technology. There are many things to accommodate and solve in this story I hope to also have the support of other playwrights and people related to the theater in this honorable community.

Since I trained steemit a little over a year ago the content of the community is constantly reviewed and I realize that there is almost no theater content so if you have seen a play inside steemit or outside the steemit on any page of the blockchain let me know why so far I think What is the first puppet play based on the blockchain.

Blockland (under development)

The script for finger puppet play

The play takes place in the earth world as we know it today, it develops around an evil character called banky the owner of all banks and whose world inhabitants are always in debt.

But not everything is lost soon Peter and Carl two best friends know byte who shows them a magic door that will take them to a parallel world called block and in which there are no banks or money, everything is organized and they live harmoniously.

But just as they are passing through the magic gate banky watches them hidden and decides to enter the magic gate to blockland where he gets the surprise of his life to realize that his system of domination does not work, so he plans an idea to destroy blockland.

Banky's attacks are unsuccessful as his attacks make no sense in blockland a free and organized world. The blockland miners drive him out of the city next to byte and Pedro decides to connect the great block system to the financial system of the earth world by destroying the evil banks and finally freeing the people from the evil of banky.


Banky (the great banker who owns the world earth)

Peter (young man works at the big bank in earth world carl's best friend)

Carl (young farmer great friend of Peter, owes credit to the big bank)

Byte (main guardian of blockland who travels to earth through a magic gate)

Miners (work in blockland valuing content and information)

First act

Peter: (crying while sweeping an office) ay ay ay ay till when I should, I have no credit even to buy candy. He also worked for many hours. (Behind him begins to appear the figure of banky, Peter stops and keeps talking) and I decided I will go and I will not return any more. I prefer to work on the farm with Carl.

Banky: (with a loud and defiant voice) h

Where will you go? Pay here, now look for the mop and start mopping. Sign here. Money

Peter: (with a trembling and frightened voice) yes yes sir as you say. Right away sir.

Banky: you'll never leave here. You will always have to pay me here, firm here (loud laughter) hahahahaha firm here.

Banky retires and Peter is left alone, Carl Peter's great friend enters the scene.

Carl: (he approaches from behind and surprises Peter) hello Peter.

Peter: (he jumps up and down thinking he's the boss) ay si señor I'm sweeping everything. Calm down, it's me.

Carl: I got scared thinking it was the boss. How are you, Peter?

Peter: very well and you?

Carl: better than ever

er. I've met a great person, you should know for sure you'll like him. It's called byte and .. (suddenly banky comes in and surprises Peter and Carl as they talk)

Banky: what are you doing talking during work hours? Sign here, pay here, and you go to work. You still owe the credit. Let's go to work... (Carl leaves the scene and Peter sweeps energetically until he leaves the scene)

Second act

Peter is heading to Carl's camp where they met.

Carl: Peter here, we are here.

Peter: Hello how are you?

Carl: hi Peter, here is byte who has shown me a magical world you won't even imagine. There are no banks, there is no money and everything is organized and the inhabitants help each other.

Byte: That's right, it's called Blockland and it took us a long time to become very efficient and organized.

Peter: but how is it possible that there are no banks? That's impossible! And there's no money, are you kidding me or do I look stupid?

Carl: it's true I was there and today we'll take you to see how everything works.

Byte: You see, my friend, our world is an attempt to accommodate the evil of the earthly world, centuries have passed with systems that keep them dominated and scared. Besides, the banks took over everything, even life itself. So we decided to make a world apart so that everything would be different and not make the mistakes of the past. Come with me.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Continue .....

Up to here this advance of the work. As I said more details are missing in the story pearl less is something.

As you can see there are very few materials left to buy, so I count on your valuable collaboration to continue contributing to this beautiful project.

To read all about this project and learn how you can support it, visit it on by simply clicking on the link: Puppets in the commumity PROJECT and be sure to check the steemit profile @arrozymangophoto

Special recognition to:

@chbartist I invite you to visit this blog, it will serve my Venezuelan brothers very much to grow in the community.

@r2cornell another great user who carries out donations to important projects such as @aid.venezuela

@mariusfebruary Great supporter of various causes in the steemit community

@canadian-coconut Concerned about human rights and to bring that voice to the blockchain

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A very nice start to puppet project.

Glad to see the progress toward your goal and ultimate start of the project.

This is a nice start to the play. I think it is great way to introduce the children to blockchain, and the benefits to cryptocurrencies. It may be good for adults to watch too.

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