Ithaqa Graphic Novel Fundition Update #5 1920's Hanky Panky

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Teddy Wharton is interrupted at an inopportune moment, and finds out that his bootlegging operation is already hitting some unexpected speedbumps.

Not only has Mookie Smitts failed to keep Hugo, (their new supplier of booze,) entertained, he may very well have failed to keep him alive...

This piece of the story has proven a bit challenging for me. The the Wharton Film Studio was a fun/historical way to get the plot moving in "Ithaqa", but it has been hard to justify the "screen time" set aside to the more mundane concerns of our characters. The reader is aware that some kind of cataclysmic Eldritch event is building, so why should they care about who owes money to who?

A potential answer comes from a movie that I very much love, "Attack The Block".

In that AMAZING alien horror flick, the main characters must juggle evading the police, evading their insane mob boss/drug dealer, and save the world from an alien invasion. The film does a fantastic job building tension with these more mundane elements, by having them reaaaaallly fuck with the heroes goals. Being handcuffed and locked in a police car is a really bad time to go toe to toe with an alien, and trying to explain to your drug dealer that aliens destroyed his car, is both funny and terrifying.

Sadly, I haven't struck that balance yet. It's something I hope to address in my edits, because right now it seems like just a very pretty aside to the actual story...

So back to our backer rankings! Unfortunately the price of steem has plummeted over the weekend, thanks in large part to some kind of crypto heist that took place with Coin Rail. That's a huge bummer, and I hope that eventually we get an upswing of people who are excited at buying in low. All the same, steem is still at a higher price than when I first bought in, so I ain't scared away from the platform just yet :)

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The rankings continue to shift! Steemers who hold a position on the council will get to confer with Theresa and I on what our bonus gifts to the steem community will be. If we decide to do bonus art, the council of 5 will get to have a say in what is depicted!

So far we've raised around $63 out of $1,000, which means we're now at 6+% funding! Lets keep this rolling!

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Additionally, If you're new to this comic I strongly recommend you check out our instagram, as I'm currently uploading pages every day.


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I ain't scared away from the platform just yet :)

Thank goodness. We definitely want to help you guys see Ithaqa succeed its goals!


This story must be told, damnit!

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