Playing with Symbols - A Bonus Super Short Lesson

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Do you remember my tutorial about Depth of Field? It is a small step from an exercise to something of a story. Just add a couple of symbols. White thread, black thread, and specific arrangement.

This time I am just showing you in a flash...not how we do it but what we do.

And you tell me what you see here ;)



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I see two pins with some thread wrapped around them being placed in different areas of the wood between a bunch of NAKED pins.. Man! What is wrong with you??!! HAHAHAhahahahahaha.. Just messing. Obviously this is a fashion show going on here. Really though, Why are all the other pins naked? hehe. Have a great day! :-D


Nudity is the pins' norm and the two wrapped ones are obviously being shamed in public

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Great interpretation! LOVE IT!!! Hahahahaha.. Love a good laugh :-D

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And I thought it was a wedding ceremony... gosh...