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Good Evening y'all

Tonight I have a new update for my Trailer project. I have completed the mounting and testing of the Sol-Ark 3kW product in the trailer.

I started by marking and cutting a 2x4 to 21" which is the width of the sol-ark.


Using my miter saw I made the cut.


I measured where I could screw fasteners into the solid square tube ribs at 15&3/4"


I marked the center of the 21" board at 10.5"


I then marked the location of where I would put my countersinks using a 1" hole bit for my drill at 7&3/4"


I drilled 4 countersunk holes to a 1.5" depth.


I squared and fastened the 2x4 to the trailer wall.


Here are the 1.5" self tapping screws I used to fasten the 2x4 to the steel ribs of the trailer.


I put some 1/4" washers on the screws and tightened them down.


Here is the final view.


Using a 1/4" drill bit I pre-drilled holes for attaching 2 21" 2x4's to the side of the board that was just attached.


I used 2" deck screws to attach to the main 2x4.


I put the screws in to be held in place to make it easier for attachment.


I cut 2 5" pieces and mounted them 8" from the bottom of the mounted 2x4's and 21" piece was screwed on to the 2 5" pieces.


Here is the view of the sol-ark in its mount.


I attached the + and - wires from the sol-ark to the end of the 48V golf cart battery string.


I hooked up a third panel to give the product a first test. Everything works well, batteries charge off the panels and it was able to power a load.


The + and - Connections for the solar panel are wire nutted for now but new mc4 connectors will be used once the roof mounting of 4 more panels is complete.


Thank you for your time if you checked out my update!


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Makinstuff a very nice clean installation brother!!! I am excited for you, this is going to be so nice!!
Resteemed for solar, and you. 👍🤗


Thank you so much brother! getting there piece by piece.

sir makinstuff! very professional look, I like those deck screws because they don't rust supposedly. You've probably been doing this your whole life haven't you, this kind of building stuff?


Thank you sir Janton! Yeah I like them as well, I'm still trying to figure out the best method to keep the sol-ark from flying vertically. I think I may use a leather strap that I can adjust and remove easily if needed. I have been building things most of my life. Whenever I had a friend or an opportunity to help someone with a new project I would volunteer. I've picked up a lot by helping other people throughout my life.


sir makinstuff! well I'm sure that you will figure it out, do you ever do research online for these problems or do you normally figure something out on your own? I can tell that you were naturally made to build things! lol.


Thanks bud, I bounce ideas off other people a lot and get some feedback. I put it through my feasibility filter in my head and implement the best solution with resources I have available. Many times I'll get suggestions of things I'll never have thought of that are huge enhancements.

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sir makinstuff! oh so that is a great way to do that! There is wisdom in the counsel of many advisors perhaps.

big project, very cool mang!!


I know, getting close though, thanks bud!

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