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Good Evening Steemians!

Tonight I have another update for my Surthrival Trailer Mark 1 Project. Tonight I worked to finish up creating the mechanical pins to keep the panels in place during transport.

I started by removing the self tapped screws that hold the sheet metal to the trailer where I am attaching the 1" angle steel piece.


I did this in order for the angle piece to mate well and create a seal with the buytl tape I affixed to the back of the angle steel pieces I cut previously to 39" and 37.5".


I removed the screws from the rear of the trailer 2' from the end from where I affixed another piece of angle.


I attached the front piece of angle with 2 3.5" 1/4-20 bolts. I also used some1/4-20 id x 1"od washers on the bolts on both the outside and inside of the trailer.


I repeated the same procedure on the angle piece on the rear of the trailer and attached a 1" L angle piece on the bottom of the angle steel that was attached to the trailer. This will allow me to insert a hitch pin to the rear.


I finished a little later this evening and here is the mounted angle on the front of the trailer. It's been raining so this will be a good test to make sure the buytl tape created a proper seal.


I had to grind the small 1" piece down to around 3/4" to allow for enough clearance of the panel steel frame.


I drilled and bolted this to the rear angle piece so I could drill from the underside to create the hole for the hitch pin.


I messed up my first hole by not having it centered in the 1" square tube and had to re place the hole. I drilled a 1/4" hole in the angle steel in the front through the 1" square tube frame for the solar panels to connect the hitch pin.


I drilled another 1/4" hole in the bottom of the 1" square tube through the 3/4" bracket I attached earlier to create the rear pin attachment.


Thank you for your time if you gave my update a read!


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breaking shit and makinstuff, you are a master


Hell yeah mayne, that's what I be doin :)


still looking for a sample, I may be at the watch shop tomorrow, would be really easy to find something exactly the same ....let me know how the dtent works out. :)


Still no luck with the watch, Can't find the right pin to press to get the crown to release.


i know how you feel, i am trying something new here and can't do it either, nothing is easy these days