[10/12] Highlights from Korean Unification News

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This article is part of a research series which will help fund my site visit trip to South Korea. These posts relate to relevant issues or precedents where I can apply their concepts and ideas to my thesis proposal regarding an ethereal impact on a physical space. The funding project can be found on @fundition 's website.

These articles are meant to highlights specific current events as they happen in real time to spread awareness throughout the community on any progress or significance to the Korean Reunification process. This is something I’m going to be doing periodically in order to cross-analyze what implications are going to be present from current events in the news articles regarding North-South relations and their interactions with other outside countries, such as China, United States, Japan, and the Russia.

This Week on the News…

[10/12] Moon aims to win EU backing for peace process

In the upcoming Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) summit, South Korean President Moon Jae-In urges significant countries of the European Union to offer him their support. The goals of the European Union with other key countries such as the United States, Russia, and China, where they wish for North Korea to cease their nuclear provocations and finish denuclearizing their systems in order to establish more stability in the Korean Peninsula.

There are differences in their viewpoints, as European countries are more lenient with North Korea. European countries feel the sanctions should be less severe because North Korea have made steps in trying to denuclearize their programs. The United States are very strict with their sanctions until North Korea fully denuclearized their program, even though there were articles that are supplemented with research that state that denuclearization can take over 10 years, which would cause difficulties with North Korea trying to meet the standards of the United States.


There is speculation that Moon Jae In might be asking EU President Tusk to resume bilateral dialogues with North Korea. I feel this is great that countries should continue expanding this dialogue about reunification among the “power countries”. It is inevitable that a financial burden will be brought upon South Korea in the event of a reunification process, therefore global aid is almost required to remove some of that burden from South Korea in the reunification process.

The full article can be read here.

[10/11] North Korea, China, Russia call for ‘corresponding’ measures in denuclearization talks

Diplomats from North Korea, China, and Russia have all called for corresponding measures regarding their denuclearization process. They believe that this process should happen on a ‘stage-by-stage’ basis, while building confidence as a nation in the process. Despite North Korea supporting the call for a formal end to the Korean War, the United States remains firm that no sanctions relief will come until the North completely gives up its nuclear weapons program. China, Russia, and North Korea also shared the need for stronger bilateral and multilateral cooperation with relevant countries to ensure a lasting peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.


I think it is very interesting to take note that the communist countries want North Korea to build confidence in themselves as a country while they are going under this process. Despite whatever opinions individuals might have on the North Korean governmental institutions, they should be unifying with South Korea under balanced conditions, because I foresee that North Korean citizens will remain unhappy, just under different circumstances, as numerous accounts of defectors and escapees have expressed that they have been under stereotyping and discrimination whilst living in South Korea.

The full article can read here.

North Korean leader invites Pope Francis to Pyongyang

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has recently invited Pope Francis to visit Pyongyang, and Kim has stated that when the Pope visits, he will be given a fervent welcome. Kim Jong-Un seeks the He will formally invite him when he visits the Vatican on October 17 and 18. This is a milestone is a way that North Korea is reaching out to other countries.


source1, source2

When talking about intercountry dialogue and communication, this is very important to consider when North Korea has a history of closing off all media and information coming into their country. We’re transitioning into a new era where North Korea is opening themselves up slowly to conversation and the improvement of their nation going forward.

The full article can be found here. The article with the video can be found here.

Be sure to check out future highlights from Korean Reunification News!


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This is all such an interesting development and I wonder where it is headed. I wonder, do you suppose, will N. Korea have to have a central Bank eventually? It's such a tricky time for things.

@donnadavisart Great question!

That's a question that depends on how willing the North Korean regime is willing to overhaul their economic institutions regarding their economic growth rates and taking suggested steps to improving both their production rates and relations with outer countries. The fact that they are the most closed-off country in the world hurts their economy greatly.

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