HOW @cleanplanet WORKS ?

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Proof through video

Prove your ecological action with a video, and get rewarded with an upvote from @cleanplanet.
Whether you are in a city, in nature, on the sea, anyone with a steem account will be able to submit a proof of action on the steem blockchain and be rewarded for their contribution to the planet.

How to be part of the CleanPlanet initiative and get upvoted:

  1. Show/Announce current date
  2. Show the face of the person(s) in action
  3. Show all the stages of eco-citizen action
  4. Upload the video of your action on DTube or DLive
  5. Use #cleanplanet
  6. Receive Rewards

Your action needs to be public

By common sense, we will only reward actions outside of your home.
Simply because using your personal bin would be "too easy" and isn't a selfless action.

Any garbage (old papers, chewing-gum, glass, plastics, etc) must absolutely end up in a public bin or container in order to be rewarded.

Decision on voting %

The cleanplanet foundation will judge each content in a humane way and decide on the voting power on several factors :

  • garbage quantity
  • garbage diversity
  • the number of individuals participating
  • environnemental impact
  • the time difference between the time of the action and the time of the video upload
  • video editing effort to facilitate the cure of @cleanplanet
  • Any written content, pronounced and put in image which would contain any remarks: hateful, religious, promotional, xenophobic, racist, political, incestuous,...
  • Too low video quality when it's not watcheable

We do not want you to spend hours on video montage or thousands of dollars on camera equipment. A smartphone with a few simple cuts at montage is enough to prove your action.

Regularity of voting

The cleanplanet foundation (more on that later this week) is dedicated to this initiative and will check new proof of actions on a daily basis. Our @cleanplanet account which receives delegations will be used to it's full potential in order to reward ecological actions to the maximum.

The curators will also be available directly on our discord server, so feel free to get in touch with them for feedback.


We want to bring as many people as possible to join our movement and start cleaning the planet, and for this we need to keep @cleanplanet fair. We will try to distribute our votes to as many people as possible, no matter which country they are from, or which language they speak. @cleanplanet is a global call for action.

Don't hesitate to come on our discord to promote your action to the clean planet community.

Grow some clean power by delegating some SP to us: 10 | 25 | 100 | 250 | 1000 | 2500 | 10000

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I am looking forward to learning more about this interesting project when you come on The Alternative Lifestyle Show on MSP Waves.

I hope you can make it soon.

Host of The Alternative Lifestyle Show on MSP Waves Radio.

Editor of the Weekly Schedule of Steem Radio Shows.

Founder of the A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.

Yes indeed we start the project and we will contact you as soon as we are ready.
This is a great global project and we want to raise awareness in all communities using the STEEM Blockchain.
Thank you for your interest in @cleanplanet

"garbage diversity" what does this even mean?

HELLO @phoneinf
Happy to see your attention about @cleanplanet project

As you see in first article ... dishies stay on Planet with different time...
So we can see witch garbage are collected ... and adapt our upvote power...
@cleanplanet boss ( @french.fyde and @yann0975 ) don't want any profit.... just save a little our Planet .... animals, plants... and humans by Steem ...


Thank you, this makes it more clear to understand what this project is about

This is a very interesting project to me. Me having OCD about cleanliness I leave my house always clean. Having 3 cat's and a dog, lot's of vacuuming and dust is clean daily.

I think having a blockchain that rewards you for picking up trash is a good idea, but to me it sound's like it can easily be manipulated to make it seem like they are cleaning when they post the video.
And after a while when so many people will upload videos, and it might not be possible for the team to watch and reward the people who upload.

I have my eye on this project, and I hope all goes well because I would like to participate in this project.

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Thank you for this opportunity to massively clean our mother earth. Congratulations for this wonderful idea. I'll keep in touch. But right now, I'm going to gather some people. Azulejo.JPG.
(Picture: Free, not in jail "Azulejo" in my back yard, photo taken by myself) --Thank you again

Thank you, this makes it more clear to understand what this project is about