My memories .. Hasbro's 1967 Vintage Original Lite Brite .. One of the top 100 toys of all time .. Did you have one of these .. Hours of fun!! Share your stories .. I am sharing my stories

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My Steemit Logo Lite-Brite creation

I don't think there are very many of my generation who did not have a Lite-Brite .. Lite-Brite originally came out in 1967. A man by the name of Joseph Burck invented Lite-Brite while working as a senior designer for a Chicago toy design company who licensed the invention rights to a company by the name of HASBRO. Did you know that Lite- Brite became one of the 100 top toys ever sold? I believe it, I know it was my favorite.

Oh Lite- Brite .. I remember the hours of fun creating what I considered to be my masterpieces. Christmas 1969 my brother, sisters and I got Lite-Brite from Santa. There were 4 of us and only the one Lite-Brite .. I remember how difficult it was to wait my turn as these masterpieces that we would create took what seemed like forever :)

The original Lite-Brite was big and bulky although very light weight - inside of this big bulky box is a regular sized light bulb. My mom would always remind us to keep this away from anything that may catch on fire :) Really, she should have been more worried about us burning ourselves on the light bulb - I did do this several times. The back of the box got really hot from the heat of the light bulb. On the front of the box is a black panel with 100's of tiny holes which fit the colored pegs. The original pegs came in the following colors: Orange, white, green, blue, yellow, lavender, pink and cranberry red. The toy came with several different patterns which were color coded on the front of the black pattern sheet. You would put the pattern on the front of the box panel and begin to insert the pegs into the appropriate color code on the pattern. Because the box is lit from the light bulb, the picture would light up :) You also had the option to just create a picture 'freeform' on just a blank black sheet. I remember that the clown and the lighthouse were my favorite patterns. What were your favorite patterns?

This is the same box that ours came in :)

Full Set of the original vintage 1967 Lite Brite

These are all of the different colors that the pegs came in

Look at all of the patterns it came with .. the new ones only come with 2 patterns :(

Last Christmas I thought it would be fun to get a Lite-Brite for our granddaughters. I shopped for 2 months looking for a Lite-Brite in the local stores here is Placer and Sacramento Counties. The closer it got to Christmas, I gave up!!!! There was no way I was going to find this in time. The idea of the Lite-Brite for Christmas left my mind. Well, I happened to be shopping at WalMart last month and could not believe my eyes, an entire end display of Lite-Brites .. WHAT!!! I was so excited to finally be getting these for our granddaughters.

They did a good job getting the box to look similar to the original boxes - I purchased 2 of these. I have to say, the new Lite-Brites are not the same :( The toy is small, thick plastic, and just not the same. I was very disappointed that it only comes with 2 patterns, the duck and the boat. The colors of the pegs are pastels .. I miss the original bright colors. Don't get me wrong, the girls and I still have fun creating our masterpieces. I hope when they grow up they have the memories that I have of Lite-Brite.

The new ones do not come with very many pegs at all .. it took all of the pegs from both of the Lite Brites I purchased to make this Steemit Logo creation.


The duck and the boat are all that it came with :(

Below are a couple of 'freeforms' we created



We got a little silly with our pictures and below are some of the silly's we did





If you are interested in purchasing an original vintage 1967 Lite Brite, they have them on EBay for $49.99 - Below is the link

I hope you enjoy the pictures of our creations .. I would really love for you to comment back and share your memories of Lite-Brite and let me know which patterns you favored the best.

Thank you so much for visiting my post today .. Remember, you are never too old to have fun .. these simple things are a cheap therapy .. and the best thing of all is they will bring a smile to your face. I love you Friends .. SUNSHINE247


Oh my still remember lol awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for visiting Friend!!!! I hope you have an amazing rest of your week :) See ya in the next post .. SUNSHINE247

I never had one, but my best friend growing up had one and we played with it at her house. They were a lot of fun! I think kids today would even enjoy playing with one. Don't worry I had plenty of fun toys, board games, barbie dolls at my house. I'm happy to say my children played with lots of toys, board games and my son made up a fantasy land in our backyard to entertain himself, his sister and friends even though we had computer game systems! My kids are now 23 and 26! Have a great day!

Hi Friend!!!!! Super excited to see you today .. Our kids are 28-31 and they played with one when they were younger also :) Times were different when we were kids though we really appreciated our toys :) Thank you for visiting today violetmed .. I hope you have an AMAZING rest of your week .. SUNSHINE247

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