The NY State Fair, Music, Rides,Games, Great Food, Amazing Exhibits, Livestock Compititions, and More

in fun •  11 months ago

Yesterday I went to the great New York State Fair. It was a lot of fun and they have all sorts of cool exhibits. Every thing from live music to Military vehicles, sports events, rides, Lots of livestock and agricultural events. It was a very fun time for me and my family.

Here is the footage I took from the fair.

They have great food that will make your mouth water.

Pig races

Great rides for kids.

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Wow that would be an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing with us! And great photography as well!

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Wow.. marvelous experience my dear friend @stray.. I think Pig races are very funny and foods are great.. 😊
Upvoted for you...

Loved the video.

amigo #resteemia at your service

i missed that 'Pig races' :) nice photography & impressive work @stray

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