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Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the steemit block chain. Yeah it is another new week and a brand new day and once it is Monday. Yeah I know, it is always a very stressful day but we are here again to make it perfectly for you.

Fun night with Zizy episode 5 is here again and this time, it promises to be more educating, more entertaining and so much more fun.

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Last week on the show, it was laughter non-stop from the really tough questions on the hot seat session. Honestly, these guys can roast and drill someone with questions and I thought I was the question mistress. How about the beautiful voices that thrilled us with lovely tunes? @julietisrael voice still rings in my head and do I need to talk about @winarobert's voice, that one is well I'm speechless.

@pangoli proved he is indeed a wizard by answering the questions thrown at him in 50seconds making him the first winner on the show followed by @winarobert who gave his price to @mizdais, then @francistagbo followed by @mamuda and then @djoi. Other participants were @oredebby, @imbigdee, @bookoons, @itoroarchibong, @olawalium, @dawizy, @rosyblessing, @rebeccafl and a host of others.

Tonight would not be any different. It is fun night with Zizy. A show that is all about games and fun. The show has four games which are

  • Sing a Song
  • Hot Seat
  • Tell a joke
  • Test of knowledge.

There are 20 alphabets with each alphabet having a particular task. When an alphabet is chosen, the participant has 50 seconds to perform whatever task is revealed.

The rules of the game remains the same.

There would be lots of gift items to be won.
Join us tonight as we make Monday night a night of fun.

Time : 8pm
Venue: Stach Discord Server
Host: @zyzymena

Congrats in advance.

See you at the other side of Monday. Ciao!

Authored by @zizymena and edited by @winarobert on behalf of the Stach community

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wow.. Interesting!! Bravo!!

Sound like a great show - wish I knew about it. Looking forward to the next week,