@polebird: 💪 Ninja tricking - Dtube pole combo 💪

in fun •  5 months ago

Today's pole combo is one that I have been working on a few times a week for the past month! It started out pretty rough at first, but I think that my body has gotten more used to the movement now. Drilling a pole combo brings muscle memory! This combo is being considered for part of my upcoming routine for competition, so I am definitely happy to see the progress. Watch till the end, I got a little creative with editing (almost defying gravity!) :P Thanks for stopping by my friends! Happy Thursday and steem on!



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very nice


From acro pole to pole combo.. Incredible display as always ..l love this beauty too.thanks @polebird. Resteemed


Awww ☺️Thank you my friend!

Jeez, this is magical movement. I've not seen these moves before.

I am definitely having this on my blog.


Aww thanks Emjoe! Hehe glad you liked it now that it’s looking smooth 😁😂


Looking smooth? I would have loved to see the practice section too. It is a good way for a nice laugh :)


Haha I shall look and see if I have any videos of the struggles.. not sure tho!

I must say that I was always impressed with your beautiful poses, but since I started watching you I think you have improved so much and you can really see it with your strength and balance and how smooth your moves are and so perfect.

Love it. Beautiful

This doesn't even look humanly possible lol. Amazeballs


Hahaha the second half is definitely not! Creative editing and making the video reverse :) the first part is for realzzz tho 🤣

Another amazing pole trickery and this one reflect more tough because this was pure upside down trickery and this is difficult because while doing upside down trickery the blood circulation stops some time so it's tough job. So keep up this artistic and amazing work and thanks for sharing this video with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂


Hahha yeah! It definitely is different being upside down, thank you! :)


Welcome. 🙂

Looking good!