Time flies in Cambridge: What is a Chronophage? THE TIME EATER! The Corpus clock

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The Corpus clock in Cambridge was designed and built by John C Taylor and opened to the public by the world famous Professor Stephen Hawking in 2008.

It is exact every five minutes which at first seems kind of useless. But then again it makes you start to think about time. I mean really think about time and how truly precious it is. Looking back over my shoulder you can see the clock.

Time is relative. We all know that on a very personal level? Do you remember those times when you were in a very boring place and time seemed to stretch on forever? Or on a wonderful holiday which seemed to pass in no time at all? Time is very relative. In this short video you can see the clock movements. Notice the rather large bug on top?

This chronophage (the time eater) is incredibly accurate and it is fascinating to just sit and watch peoples reactions to it. Mostly bemused as they try to figure out how to read the actual time. There are a series of lights that rotate around the rim and on the face of the clock. You can read the time if you know what is going on. The lights line up every five minutes.

I put the video and colour effects and rolling camera movement to represent how people reacted to it. People would swing their heads one way and then the other and then just look baffled. It was great fun to sit and watch?

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I remember reading about that cool to see it and your video of it



It is an amazing piece of engineering and horology. Prof Stephen Hawkins unveiled it to the public when it was first revealed. Thanks for the tip.


MY Pleasure I remember when I saw about it opening thinking thats something I want to see sometime now through your video I Did ;)


Glad to be of service. ;)

Yes, it is great fun to sit and watch people's head, just like a swing. Thanks @molometer


It was hilarious and even I got in on the act when I first saw it. It is interesting to watch people's reactions.

That is fascinating and so fun to see it! I have only read about it. It is more beautiful than I imagined. U&R


It is a pretty and interesting timepiece. He has made several variants using this idea.

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Thanks for the tip Jay

Now if they could get something that would just stop time entirely!


Now that would be very handy. I think they are working on it? :)

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Great vid, Mike! It's my first to learn of this clock. Love the color variations. 👍


It's an amazing timepiece. People come from all over the world just to see it. Glad you liked it @femmeflashpoint



It sure is. It's a real tourist attraction in it's own right. People come from all over the world to see it in real life.