❤️Acro Flow in San Luis Obispo with @acromott

in fun •  6 months ago

Here is a fun flow, @acromott and I did while traveling to San Luis Obispo! Acroyoga on the beach is quite messy as the sand tends to get everywhere. It was messy fun, but we still managed to come up with a cool flow for you all!

In this video you will see the following moves:

  • Bird
  • Boat pose
  • Side Star
  • Bird on Hands
  • Hand to hand
  • monkey frog

What do you like to do at the beach? Feel free to leave a comment below!


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I know the feeling of sand creeping in...Lolzzz
But a cool acro flow nonetheless...

I love your flexibility @karensuestudios and the beach is a good setting, good cool air but only the sand is the problem.