This cat really knows how to relax! 🐯

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Hi Steemians, Im on the way back from a little Steemit meetup at @lex030 & @kathybell's home, after I visited my sister to celebrate the birthday of my little niece and I want to use the time for showing you this funny photo of @filou (the big Garfield in real life!). Have a nice weekend everyone and hear you!

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So cute.

The mat is mine. :-)

very cool friends

Ohhh so süüsss, die scheinen es echt gemütlich zu haben :-). Sonnige Grüsse

Er hat immer krasse moves drauf haha. Nice

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Dear sir @future24 . its a great post. i lile cats . beause its too funny and entertained me .. i like your blogs.. and always follow you

This is adorable

They are really cute, I had two maine coons cats, they are really awesome animals!