So glad I got to spend the whole day outside!

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Today was great for me. I spent the whole day outside. It lets me recharge and get ready for the long workweek.

Started out this morning playing in my first pickleball tournament. I was amazed at how many people entered. This sport is growing like crazy and it’s a very social game. Between every match someone else would introduce themselves and want to chat. Made for a great morning. I also took 3rd place in my category. I guessed my rating as 3.5 out of 5 and took 3rd out of 24 players. Next time I’ll jump to the 4.0 category.

Spent the afternoon with the kids at the park followed by pizza at the park. Then we just hung out In the river till bedtime.

Saw this guy hanging out with us.

This is one of the better pictures I have ever taken with my iPhone.

Anyway, get outside and workout more and you will be amazed how good you feel!

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Nice job finishing 3rd man. I'm looking to get involved in some sports leagues out here once it starts to cool off. I miss the competition.

I forgot how fun it was to compete again in a tournament setting. Made me want to hop back in a basketball league.

Yea I've always enjoyed competing as well. I miss playing in the intramural leagues in college. Hopefully my girlfriend and I can find a softball league or something this fall.

Man I think intramural basketball at USU is my favorite basketball I have ever played. Even more fun than high school basketball. I got to pick my teammates in college. 😂

We always would play the football team in the championship on the spectrum floor. Being a long time usu Aggie basketball fan this as so fun for me. I have been to almost every home game since I was 5.

I think we lost all 3 years in the championship.

Same here man. Intramurals at Arizona State University were always a lot of fun. I played softball, basketball, and football.

Softball was mostly just for fun with a group of coworkers, but because I'm so competitive I would get annoyed sometimes at how bad we were lol.

Basketball and Football we were really good. We actually got screwed a bit as both seasons were happening at the same time and we got stuck with having two playoff games on the same night on two different campuses. We had a few guys including myself that played on both teams so we tried to balance them out to give ourselves a chance at winning both.

The football game got rained out last minute so I rushed to the basketball game and made it there right after halftime. We ended up losing that semifinal game by 6 with a few key players missing. On the bright side we ended up winning the campus wide Flag football season.


Awesome bro, what a blessed day for you. Many more to come...... Great photo too and the GOLD........