Skate Park FUN 😎👍

in fun •  5 months ago

Today I got up early to meet up with my dad and brother at Wild Rose skate park in Sacramento! We had the whole skate park to our self for a while. I hadn't skated at a park in a LONG time. It was a lot of fun. My brother is a really good skater so I took a lot of pictures and video of him shredding it up!








Camera: a6500
Lens: 16mm

Thanks for checking out my post!
Have an awesome day!



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Oh, your father and brother are so charismatic! No wonder that you are full of energy! Your family is a powerful source of vitality! You are a great team! 😍😍😘😗😙🤗🤗


Thanks so much! Yeah they are both active guys. My dad just retired so I am looking forward to going on lots of adventures with him!

Yeah your brother skates like a pro...
Good to see the boys gang in the Skate park...
Your dad looks passionate.. Hahaha


Thanks man!

  • @acromott excellent and great fun skating with the family in the beautiful park. Shots in spectacular skating movements. Your brother's an expert at skating. Your daddy's a stinker. You and my friend know how to skate and have a lot of fun. What a great day for the three of us. A big hug.

oh wow you are expert on board seems . good going man .:)

That looks like a pretty cool skatepark.

First pic, not paying attention , I was like, whoa he changed his style! LOLOL

Cool... a family that skates together, Stays together. Did Older bro show ya up? Looks like attempted kickflip, manual then fakie down the stairs. Fun👍😃