Shredding at the Skate Park! - Wild Rose Skate Park, Sacramento

in fun •  3 months ago

The other day my dad, brother and I went to Wild Rose Skate Park in Sacramento! It was super fun! My brother is a great skater. He was shredding it up at the park! I made a skate video of him busting out some rad tricks!

Check it out on @DTUBE 😎👍 (47).gif

I can't wait to go back and skate here again. We got up early and had the whole park to our self!


Thanks for watching!
Have an awesome day!



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Hahaha that's great fun but I really like it

@acromott This sport is great and fun to share with family and friends. Excellent how much fun they all have together with their spectacular movements on the skateboard. Very good option for a good time, my friend. What a spectacular way to skate for your brother. It's the best. What a skill he has. I love the way he makes every move. The footage was great on the video. Greetings.

That is a pretty neat video.
I can definitely learn from you how to make great videos and your friend is pretty awesome.

Is your brother on steemit? Would like to see more skaters in the #steemskate contest by @web-gnar!

Wow dude,he has very nice style and a big bag of tricks.
You should convince him join steemit.We are a bunch of skaters using the tag #steemskate in here!
Awesome edit bro,loved the music!