Applied Spirituality(tm) All Night Long...

in fullmoon •  29 days ago 

Fullmoon in Scorpio + Schumann Resonances couple that with my being a Cancer the Crab. I am very sensitive to the lunar waxing/waning which is why I was awake all night.

That's not unusual, but it was HOW I was awake that was noteworthy. Usually I'm listening to a book and then nod off. However, last night, book on, no nodding off but highly awake and aware. I went outside on the balcony and watched the moon as she traversed the sky playing peek-a-boo behind fast moving clouds. Then I realize I'm having some strong feelings in my body/mind - so I process for a few hours.

I did finish the book - The Hush - amazing book where past lives, parallel timelines and consciousness are all integral to the story. Highly recommend the read.

For my RoundTable Process of Reunification of Parts click here and download the instructions on how to process those feelings.
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