Fuck you @steemcleaner - you are killing steemit

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This excellent story was posted by a personal friend. She got shit on by the self appointed steemit police who cannot do a damn thing about the realniggeryprince who never posts anything but runs around downvoting actual content creators...
And if that was not running off content creators fast enough, we have @steemcleaner coming and downvoting the PEANUTS that real people are making when they try to keep FRESH content coming on steemit.
Payout declined since that is the only way to backstab the backstabbing niggeryprince types. Steemcleaner also produces NO REAL CONTENT so you cannot go downvote them for their antics. And for the cherry on this SHIT SUNDAE you cannot appeal their god-complex decrees on steemit, you have to join discord and go chase them down there.

Enjoy this wonderful story, then follow my friend ON MEDIUM since she is all done with the BULLSHIT going on here.


I admit it is a hassle to go prove to steemcleaners you have permission to post something on someone's else's behalf or in this case prove the material is yours. I've been through it but it's worth it in the end, I've had no problems with steemcleaners since I produced the communications sent back and forth between myself and the author granting me permission to promote her stuff here.

I know it can be frustrating to be labeled something you are not, different sites have different rules but it is always best to follow the rules laid out for each specific site and when questioned at least defend your integrity even if it takes a few more minutes frustratingly trying to figure out how to do so. It took me a bit to figure out discord but like I said it was well worth it. Now I know they have my back if someone questions my integrity in regards to the author who allows me to post her stuff.

It was a beautifully written article, well worth her time to go and defend. With so many people willing to steal others work she'd only want someone to question if someone had stole hers. When she writes here in the future she can put a disclaimer she writes under different names and it has been verified by steemcleaners.

Who died and made them god? I do NOT want them on the platform, I hate power crazed self appointed cops. No one should have to jump through hoops to prove who they are, and no one should wield so much power over the entire platform with NO RECOURSE WITHIN THE PLATFORM.

Oops, accidentally posted under my husband, and just do not care enough to fix it.

I guess I am just use to everyone has their own rules. I've been blogging for better of five years and been a moderator over half a dozen times on different sites, they each came with their own requirements. Once in awhile contacting someone through email if it was a sensitive matter that'd created a lot of problems if publicly addressed, like threats. Some used moderation panels and one had their own independent moderation site you went to for moderators to contact the owner of the site or other moderators. I guess it doesn't seem as odd for me in that regard.

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I agree entirely. All this talk of adding value and quality content and then people like udbarflower are steemcleaned. Bullshit indeed!

I say that we don't give up. Evil wins when good people do nothing.

I say that we don't
Give up. Evil wins when good
People do nothing.

                 - nutritree

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Don't sugarcoat it, @fishyculture, tell us how you really feel!

I'm so sorry they've driven your friend from Steemit, but I understand. It truly sucks when cowards get the upper hand.

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