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Not always Janton. However. there is also lots of non vegan dishes that takes lots of ingredients to make. It depends. Each type of cuisine requires something different and it doesn't mater whether is vegan or regular.

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I don't like it Miss Lena. Can't things just be simple and easy? lol.

Well actually, if we go back to eating raw fruits, which some vegans believe we should, we could just eat straight from trees. Nature's fast food, lol. Same as gorillas.

Miss Lena! I don't understand what you're saying. I mean, I know that you're saying we should eat raw fruits but we already are aren't we? That's what I had today, not from the tree though.

I am sorry Janton, what I mean is that some vegans, they call fruitarians, believe that we can thrive only on fruits. Many of them actually do live eating only raw fruits and nuts and they are very healthy and athletic. They just make some smoothies, that's all. The only reason I am saying that is because that way we would not have to make complicated meals.

However, I do not make complicated meals often anyway. My favorite meal is whole grain chia toast with avocado, cucumber and campari tomatoes. Scramble tofu, sups, salads and smoothies. I only make complex recipe for my blog and special occasions. However, even if you make complex recipe, you can make enough for few days or put in the freezer for example veggie burgers. It is all about changing habits and taste buds. It's good for the brain too. Being creative :)

Howdy Miss Lena! Ok, this all makes sense. I didn't know there was such a thing as Chia bread! lol. that must be super healthy.

What do you think about being a Fruitarian? It doesn't seem easy to get all the protein you need, especially if you are trying to maintain muscle size. Is it even possible?

Oh yes the whole vegan thing is a great brain exercise, I'm still trying to get mine to comprehend it! lol. But I'm getting there.

I know it can be overwhelming Janton. I am vegan 7 years and I am still learning. Regarding fruitarianism, as I mention before, gorillas are huge they live om fruits so this whole protein business is really just a big scheme from the meat industry. Neverthelss,, I am not sure if everyone is able to be fruitarian at this point. Maybe future generations could be and also, I believe it has a lot to do what climate an individual lives in. But don't worry about that now. If everyone could just go vegan with in 10 years that would be great.

howdy Miss Lena! I understand. To go vegan within 10 years is a pretty big goal don't you think? lol.
So do Vegans have a problem with Vegetarians and visa versa?

Well, they are vegans who have problem with everybody, but I am trying to stay away form them, lol. Vegetarians, usually don't have a problem with vegans, only if they get attacked. There is lots of debates going on on Facebook, but I am staying away from that, I learned my lesson, lol.

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