FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY | Steamed Corn using rice cooker

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It's Sunday morning and as per my normal routine, I'm off to the local wet market nearby my apartment. As always, this is one of my favorite part of the week. I know it seems kind of strange that going to the market is such an inspiration but to me it is. Seeing the fresh fruits, vegetables and meat being sold is like a breath of fresh air!

This week is different because apart from my usual grocery, I bought A CORN. I've seen it being sold but never got around to buying it because I wasn't sure how I was going to steam it. Then, I had just recently purchased a microwavable steamer and had wanted to try it out.


Bringing it home, I thought I could fit the corn onto the steamer. Oh Boy! Was I wrong.. The corn was too big. So, I had to improvise. Searching online on how to steam corn using a rice cooker, I immediately got into action.

Let me show you the steps I took in making my first steam corn in HCMC using a rice cooker.

Washed and clean the corn

Wash and clean the steamer tray

Fill up the rice cooker pot with water, at least half pot

Let it steam for 10 to 15 minutes with lid close

After 15 minutes, the corn is cook and ready to eat. I like it just plain without any seasoning. If you like you can spread salted butter all around it for taste. But, why spoil the freshness of the corn with all those seasonings!

Now, that I know how to steam using a rice cooker, I shall try with other things such as vegetables, pau and dim sum too. Imagine the amount of things we can cook with a rice cooker. Guess that's what happens when you have limited kitchen utensils and have to use what we have.


I'll definitely share more in my next post. Hope you enjoy my photo taken from my Huawei


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Wow the corn colour looks so yellow, does it taste sweet? I miss Vietnam morning market, it is so enjoy la go to market.

Very sweet indeed.
Am glad that I bought one to try it out.
There were many being sold, all very fresh.
Next week I shall get more, can steam and boil soup..
It makes a good hearty meal !

Good thinking, using the rice cooker. There are lots of ways to cook it. When I was a kid, my friends and I would sometimes "appropriate" some ears of corn from the fields and/or gardens, build a fire, and put the corn on the fire with the husk still on. When the husk started to get dry and burn, it was time to take it from the fire. Delicious!

Wow ! This is something new to me.
I've never tried putting the cordon fire with the husk still on.
I guess it's because when I do buy it, the husks would already have been removed.
I shall try it the next time around.
Thanks for the tip :)

Another way it can be cooked while still in the husk, is in a microwave oven. Just put an ear in and let it go on full power for 3 minutes. A really big ear might take 4 minutes. Some people don't like to cook things in a microwave though, because microwaves affect the molecular structure of foods and liquids, which in turn affects the nutritional value.

I try very much to avoid microwave cooking too
But sometimes, its the only option..

Cool idea, i like corn a lot and maybe i would try cook it that way too:)

Oh yes.. you've got to try it.
I can say that now since I've managed to do it :)

Lovely idea for tonight’s

More like the limited resources turn to creativity in the kitchen for me :)

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We buy mielies (similar to corn), boil in lightly salted water for a few minutes, cook on the BBQ (braai) very popular food in South Africa with a variety of ways to prepare. Oh steaming works, so nice to see you tried something different in your steamer @ireenchew.

Thanks so much @joanstewart
We do sometimes put corn on the grill like bbq..
However, the weather here can be pretty humid that having bbq outdoors can be too much for us and the kids
Yet, we still do it once a while :)

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That's a pretty bad ass way to improvise! Love it! I'm not so much a corn fan myself but if I ever buy one that's too big, I'll be hunting for that steamer 😁

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Ha ha.. Guess my creativity head is up high.
Could be the fresh air here that's making me think different:)
Steamer or rice cooker -> same results !

Fresh air and exercise leads to awesomeness 😁

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When I was a child, the corn (which we call mealies) was simply boiled on the cob - in an ordinary pot. It was placed in the boiling water for about 10 minutes. Also, you can break them up.... Using a rice cooker: genius!

Ha ha.. I do feel rather clever after trying it out.
I'm glad that I thought out of the box :)

We sure know how to improvise eh..=)

Ha ha.. We have too
It's call survival :)

I love corn. Always a hearty and healthy bite

Yes indeed when it is fresh..
Juicy when bitting it down

Wow, I never would've thought to try an ear of corn in a rice cooker, @ireenchew! Nice kitchen hack! Also...
love veggies.gif

Thanks so much @traciyork
Had to make the best out of my tiny kitchen that only has a rice cooker and toaster.
I'm glad I learn how to multi use the rice cooker :)

Upvoted rally. great product, veg is the way to go. Not sure how organic it is nowadays.

I try not to think too far deep on the organic part..
If I do, I doubt there's much to eat after that :(

I love corn on the cob with butter, yummy

Oh yes.. another nice and juicy way to enjoy corn

That is awesome to use the rice cooker! I am all about easy and easy cleanup!

I will stick mine in a pot of boiling water as I usually am cooking about 1/2 dozen at a time. Then put butter and salt or nothing on them! Yummy! Or sometimes put them on the grill, in the husks and when you take the off, the silks almost drop off themselves and it is so delicious that way!!!!

I love fresh corn! Glad you got to try some! Have a most wonderful evening!


I would put the corn in a hot pot of water and boil it with other vegetables and sometimes add some meat. Then serve it as soup :)
Grilling it is a great way to eat too.
Thanks for dropping by.

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Corn yum yum

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Ha ha.. Yes it's definitely yummy

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Great way to make it work! I always love figuring out hacks on how to use an appliance in more ways than one, as well. The fresh corn during the summer here is so delicious it rarely needs anything to make it taste any better, too!

Sometimes just have to think out of the box ..
Thankfully for Mr Google if not the corn would go to waste

That's why I love my rice cooker, it's so versatile, even for making cakes I love corn, but I haven't prepared it like that, I have to try!

I've heard about baking cakes using a rice cooker but I've never tried it either..
Hmm.. I should try it at least once..

Steaming is such a great way to cook, retain flavour and vitamins! Nice work using the tools you already have. I want some of that dim sum!!

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Ha ha.. Dim sum coming right up.. :)

Great idea! 🌽😍🌽
1 Collage.jpg

Thank you so much..
When we reach a T junction, we just need to find an alternative way around it

I eat them made in any fashion, as long as I can salt them.
Your rice cooker was a sure invention my friend.

Thanks so much..
I'm so glad that I found another way to enjoy the corn

You could also cut the ear in half @ireenchew, so it would fit in the other microwavable steamer. But that's a nice ear so I would've eaten it whole too! 😁

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I did think of cutting it by half but the corn was too huge
or maybe I wasn't strong enough to break it. ha ha

I have never seen a steamer like that before! Really looks like it would work great!

Ha ha.. Never try never know I guess..

First I'd have to find it... ;)

Fresh corn on the cob is one of my all time favorite treats. I've never had it steamed, either I cook in boiling water or microwave with the husk on. When it's done the corn slides right out of the husk and leaves all the silks behind - very easy to prepare that way.

Thanks for the tip..
I'll try to leave the husks on the next time I can fit the corn in the microwavable steamer

wow! how strange it is that you've never cooked corn before 😜we eat it so often!

Gordon Ramsay has a great way to do it - butter in a pan, fry the corn on all sides, high heat, for a few mins, til looks a bit charred, then add some water to the pan, close the lid, and steam for a few minutes. Serve with sour cream and chilli flakes!

Sounds good !! I shall try this recipe..
Back home, we have a proper steamer pot so using a rice cooker is my first time.
But here in a stranger's country, I've got to find alternative ways to steam it

Howdy there ireenchew! That's a very innovative way to steam the corn! I bet it was melt in your mouth tender too, well done!

Oh yes indeed..
I'm going to buy more corn this weekend and enjoy it further.
Seems like lots of ways to steam corn :)

  ·  last month (edited)

Howdy today ireenchew! You know what? I've never tried sweet corn on the cob without butter and salt, maybe I should do that, it sounds bland to me though! lol.

Nice find. I sometimes forget not everyone has corn. I lived in the middle of a corn field while in high school (joys of living in farm country)

Most boil it. Some boil it in milk others in water. If you don't want to dig out the steamer each time, you can leave it in the husk and microwave it that way. Just make sure it's cleaned from dirt and debris on the husk and that it is still moist before you start to cook it.

Usually I take mine put some butter, garlic, salt, pepper, italian herb mix wrap it with foil and then bake or grill for about 30 mins.

For yellow corn it should always turn a brighter more translucent yellow compared to how it starts out.

Thanks for the tip..
I live in the city so enjoying corn is like luxury for me because we have to wait for the vegetable sellers to bring it in for us.
Sometimes, it doesn't come in fresh, sadly...

Oh cool. I just wrap a wet paper towel on it and throw it in the micro for 2 minutes lol.

Wet paper towel..
Now.. That's a first time for me hearing this.
Thanks for sharing :)

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Very clever way of cooking the corn @ireenchew! I'm sure the flavour must have been amazing as I believe a lot gets lost when one boils it in water. Congratulations on your FAVM award :)

You're absolutely right !
That's why I didn't want to boil it.. Steam is much better as the flavors stays on