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Two years ago my precious little boy was born. He has brought so much colour and joy to my life and my husband's that we are often left speechless. We are blessed to be his parents and to watch him discover the wonder of life. For his baby shower a friend, also a creative health nut, made us a magnificent cake covered with little farm animals. Being slightly goat obessed (anybody guess?!!!) I kept two of the little goats. Last year they came out to grace the first chocolate birthday cake. The recipe I shared back then. Of course being all chocolate AND health addicts I repeated the chocolate tradition today - as well as hauled out the little goats! The results were delicious and much celebrated by my beloved two year old.

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It has been many, many months since I joined this - my favourite Steemit challenge, #fruitsandveggiesmonday. Initiated by @lenasveganliving, and hosted by @plantstoplanks, I have appreciated the lovely entries during my silence, as well as the inspiring entries from newbies! Today I I thought I'd pop back with a bang of delicious and all natural chocolate mousse!! Last week I was given a very special baby shower. It included a not so healthy chocolate cake. Today we celebrated with the healthy alternative.

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You may be surprised to know that the chief, and secret ingredient is the very rich avocado. This wonderfully nutritious fruit is full of potassium and a natural antioxidant. It is also a good cholestrol. The fat of the avo is essential to general well being, as well as brain health. The rest of the ingredients are equally nutritious as well as delicious!

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1 cup almonds (soaked overnight and rinsed)
1 cup (depitted) dates (soaked in enough water to cover and absorb)
4 tablespoons coconut flour
dash salt
dash cinnamon
dash vanilla seeds or extract

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My little helper was indispensable in creating this mousse - as well as sampling all the ingredients! With an array of his toy tractors and wooden cars to assist his creative juices, he helped load the food processor. In went the almonds, dates, salt, cinnamon, vanilla and coconut oil. Once nicely blended the doughy base was ready to press into a pie dish. After tasting, of course!

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Spread the nutty pulp to a thin crust (about 0.5cm) Bake at 160 C for 20 to 30 minutes, until browned, slightly crispy and smelling baked. I like to cook using my sense of smell. Because our beautiful almond trees are blooming we liberally filled our photos with blossoms! And then moved on to the mousse while the nutty base cooled.

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1 cup organic raw cacao (more or less depending on preference)
4 - 5 ripe avos (depending on size)
dash of vanilla seed or extract
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/4 - 1/2 maple syrup (quantity is dependent on preference)

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In the food processor mix avos, cacao, maple syrup and melted coconut oil. Because it is winter in SA we had to make sure the coconut oil was melted and relatively warm. Cacao - specifically the organic and raw cacao - is a wonderful source of magnesium and iron. Cacao rich foods will help combat depression, stress, blood pressure and boost heart health. So feel guilt free getting your regular chocolate fix!

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Once the mousse is blended to a smooth and dense consistency you can spread it in your nut base and refrigerate until set. It lasts for about a week. And is very rich so enjoy in small portions! We will be sampling our kitchen masterpiece every day before breakfast. I love that I can feed my healthy farm boy chocolate that is really good for him! I love his zest for life and every teeny aspect of it. We have so much to learn from children! May each of you experience joy, like a little child! And may each of you eat decadent chocolate with no strings (or fat rolls) attached!!

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Thank you @pixresteemer!

Great way to start you B-Day celebrations

Overachiever :P

I am so happy to see you my Dear Tracey and Happy Birthday to your little boy! Oh my goodness! I remember last year when you made delicious cake!!! I wish all the best to your whole family...........the cake is absolutely heavenly 🥑🎂💖🌼
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Hi Lena!!! Thank you so much

Always a pleasure Tracey 🌸💖🌸


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Thank you Lena! I love your enthusiasm

You are most welcome Tracey 💖

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I love using avocados for mousse as well. People don't notice and when I tell them it was avocado (after they finished of course) they are usually positively surprised..

You have a lucky little boy there! I would love to be in his place as I don't remember my parents giving me such delicious treats :)

I wish you a good luck in the contest! Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

@delishtreats I also wait until they have eaten to tell them! Thank you for your sweet comment

Omg! It looks great, it also gave me a lot of tenderness that is for your son, it looks cute and very delicious :)

Delicious dessert
Your recipe along with the photographs and your baby's ingredient help make your publication a delight.
I really like avocado and now in my country it's season.
I always prepare my children in milkshakes, jellies or ice cream.
Generally with coconut milk, it was the way they consumed it if they complained.
Thanks for making steemit a rich place.
Thanks Curie for a good selection.

Thank you so much for your sweet comment @mariita52. Coconut milk is a good way to get it consumed

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Happy birthday little man! I remember adoring your post last year, and I feel the same way about this one! I'm so happy you were able to come back and join us this week with such a fun post. Of course I would adore a piece of that healthy cake any time of day, as well. I might just have to try something similar with my huge haul of dates, haha. :) Even when you are not posting, you are still a big part of the Monday family!

Thank you @plantstoplanks for the compliment! I do feel like I've missed out but don't see that it can be any other the moment. Enjoy your haul of dates. I love dates, especially those soft and juicy majools

Life happens, so just know we'll always save you a seat at the Monday table whenever you get a chance to stop by. :)

Howdy buckaroo! wow, guilt free chocolate, a dream come true! lol.

I had to read this post because I was thinking how the heck is chocolate cake vegetable or fruit? Haha full stop so I thought maybe beetroot or maybe zucchini. Avocado is a great choice of course and it would give you all the good fats. Who cares about that though when it's chocolate haha. 2 years old already. Time flies doesn't it? He clearly brings a lot of pleasure to your life. A wonderful post as always my dear xx

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That is funny! And yes, who cares, when it's chocolate!!!

Congratulations @buckaroo!
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What an absolutely delicious Chocolate Cake! I have yet to make this using Avo, looks gorgeous @buckaroo :) Lovely post, congrats on a well deserved @curie upvote!

Thank you so much @lizelle. I hope you do get to make and enjoy it!

Happy Birthday to your young one! He is one lucky fella to have a mom like you to make him such beautiful, delicious, nutritious birthday cake!
I love that recipe and I think I'll give it a go making a few modifications with the sweeteners (to adapt it to a Keto diet)! Thanks for sharing!

Let me know how it turns out! I actually use honey because we have hives and maple syrup is a rare luxury!

that looks so delicious, thanks for that inspiration!

The feeling is mutual @proanima as you have such inspiring recipes yourself!

Many thanks @buckaroo ;)

OMG I need piece of that cake right in front of me now. Actually make that 2 pieces at least. Maybe 3. 😂😂

It really does not get much better than this. Delicious, healthy, and nutritious. That is one amazing 3 way combo. I will have to try and make this one of these days.

Thank you for sharing your amazing recipe with us. Have a blessed day. 😀

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Mmm, I can taste that cake just looking at it! Love a good chocolate dessert. Happy birthday to your son! And those little goats are cute!
Do you consider yourself vegan? Or do you just enjoy vegan dishes? I only ask because you have so many animals on your farm, so I guess it would just surprise me to find out you strictly eat vegan.

@hebrewhousewife you're right, with so many animals, we are definitely not vegan! One of my favourite foods are the cheeses I make with the goats milk! While my family eats mostly very wholesome vegan dishes we generally include eggs, chicken or meat somewhere in the day. And of course, I love honey! I was vegan for quite long before I was married but I have to admit I enjoy my piece of organic, ethnically raised meat. I refuse to eat anything not raised ourselves or by fellow farmers as I think it is abominable how animals are treated and slaughtered. Because I had a raw health restaurant for very long, and because I see and experience the huge benefits of eating mostly fruit and veggies (with nuts, grains and legumes) I will always make these vegan type dishes. But then, as I mentioned we usually include animal protein