FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY - A Gluten-free, Autoimmune, Vegan Friendly Buckwheat Kasha

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Hey Sunshines,

Remembering that it's that time of the week to post for Fruits and Veggies Monday (as I normally forget and remember by Friday then forget again) done by the lovely ladies, creator @lenasveganliving, the host @plantstoplanks.

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Finding a breakfast to fit into Gluten-free and Autoimmune (AI) without being a juice, 10 kiwifruit or large sums of fruit can sometimes be hard to get your head around, but it is actually easier than you think, there are cultures living off great diets for century's that don't have the same disease as the western world so why not incorporate some of their dishes into your daily life as they must be doing something right, you also may want to check out other aspects of their lives also.

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Finally being able to get hold of some Buckwheat grouts I wanted to try buckwheat kasha (porridge) again, the issue was I've eaten it before it was very strong but hadn't cooked it myself so was ready to try my hand at preparing it and retrying it.

After letting my fingers search the internet I found a site I liked which has information about buckwheat and how to cook it, also I learnt that the kasha I had eaten before was darker than the grouts that I had, which means that the darker ones where roasted which gives a stronger nuttier taste.

Following the step by step information on how to cook the grouts from here below is how we did following it, then adding our extras on top.

One cup of buckwheat grouts - Buckwheat grouts are gluten free, they are a fruit which is grown from buckwheat.

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The one cup of buckwheat grouts with three cups of water boil on medium heat, if using an induction top keep stirring so the bottom doesn't burn as these tops cook fast, it will take a while still.


Wholla cooked buckwheat grouts they are like puffy jewels, to tell if they are cooked, I squeeze them between the back of a wooden spoon to see if the buckwheat is al dente.

Adding the toppings...

I like to switch up the toppings to add some anti-inflammatory foods on top and some vitamins via food on top.
For each topping I searched the net for extra information just to make sure that I was getting it right, but I ended up learning a lot more than I knew about these toppings, I add to my breakfast.
There are added links below with the websites with added information that you may want to check out.

Coconut Cream

IMG_8722 (1).JPG

For those dropping dairy, going vegan or AI coconut cream gives a nice creamy taste to meals weather it be sweet or savoury, and just found it also has some great benefits like improving your immunity and slowing down your aging just to name two, if you would like to check out the rest, here's the website I found the information on

To have a thick coconut cream like a yoghurt texture full coconut cream put in the fridge, in a glass jar gives the best results - will depend on type of coconut cream as all don't thicken up.

Hemp Seeds

IMG_8723 (1).JPG

Also known as Hemp Hearts, Hemp Seeds a good source of protein, omega 3 & 6, fatty acids, apparently are a natural anti inflammatory, they have a slightly nutty taste to them.



Pitted dates they give this caramel taste when added to porridge, they are a good source of energy and rich in fibre, find more information about benefits of dates here.


IMG_8725 (1).JPG

I had to search up the benefits of nectarine's as they were what we had on hand, they aid in digestion and contain a lot of vitamins, with more benefits here...



Kiwifruit can give off that sour taste with the fury skin on but the health benefits I'll get used to the taste.
Vitamin c, boosts your immune, antioxidants and fiber.
More benefits that you may not know about kiwifruit which I learnt from this site here...

Cinnamon and Nutmeg

IMG_8727 (1).JPG

With Cinnamon and Nutmeg I found on the [medical medium website] (
) about the benefits of both these two spices that they both help with inflammation and have all these amazing benefits, so I went out and brought both these spices as we were out and add them to my breakfast nearly every day now.
The benefits of cinnamon as a oil and disinfectant for a natural cleaner, it's amazing what natural foods can do and have been used for thousands of years.


Each item is put in the order shown by the item pictures above to produce the end product just above.
You may want to add some extra coconut cream on top to have a more creamer flavour through the fruit also.

Thank you for stopping by really appreciate it, have a fabulous Day/Evening!

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Yummy feast indeed

Hey there! I don't know if you saw that you won #fruitsandveggiesmonday last week! That means that you are slated to be guest judge for this coming round. If you could reply back to let me know if you are able to do that, I would appreciate it! Thanks!


Hey @plantstoplanks,
Thank you so much just realised, let me know what I need to do, Thank you so much!


Hey there! No worries! Lena stepped in to judge this week, so we are all good! :)

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I definitely want to make it

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Oh my goodness does this look so delicious! Wow, all that yummy fruit on top of some delicious base of the buckwheat and hemp seeds to boot! I would gobble up a bowl right now if I could for my own breakfast! Lovely to see you again this week!

great post @biglipsmama I am definitely into anti

Buckwheat seems to be popular this week, which may be a sight that I should finally make something with it too, lol. Great recipe my Dear. Super healthy and delicious 🥝😊🍓
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Hey Lovely Lena,
It's great to see Buckwheat used in different ways all in one week.
Must be a sign to make something, can't wait to see what you do with buckwheat.

Oh wow @biglipsmama, what a way to start the day! Or shall I say the right way to start the day! Immune boosters and anti inflammatories so vital especially now that the seasons are changing (we're going into winter here.)
Thank you for sharing this breakfast bowl!


It's a great way to start the day especially when using in season fruit to keep up the support of our immune systems any time of the year. Those in-between the changing of the seasons when it's trying to work out what season seems to be when we are more prone to getting sick.

that's definitely my taste 😋


Nice, not everyone's cup of tea, takes time to get that taste for healthier real foods once you've tasted syndetic junk foods.