FruitsandVeggiesMonday - "Rainbow Swiss Chard"

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It is fall here in Western, NY, and I still have Rainbow Swiss Chard growing in one of my raised beds. The cooler temperatures are slowing it down a bit, but it keeps on giving. The red stems on this Chard are so vibrant and I just had to share it's beauty with you all.

Thank you @lenasveganliving for initiating this fun weekly #fruitsandveggiesmonday contest for us to participate in.

Until next time, this is Sunscape...

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Love those colors. Reminds me of rhubarb, yum!


I love Rhubarb plants too. so good with Strawberries

Sorry but I don't get it what exactly is it? It is so beautiful especially that you still have it ;)))

Are they beet leaves?


Hi Margaret, they are similar yet do not have the bulb like a beet. However they are just leafy greens that you can cook like beet greens. I use the tender young ones raw in my salads too.

Beautiful vegetables


Thank you

Love these veggies.. have tried these leafy plant one's..with Indian spices..
upvoted and resteemed.


Ooooh, I bet that was very tasty.



How beautiful is this!!! I need to plant chard ASAP. Winter crop here :)


Marianne, they are awesome, I am sure you will enjoy them greatly and so easy to grow.

how beautiful i like it & iup voted you

Very beautiful those vibrant colors. Wonderful entry my Dear, thank you so much 🌸💖🌸

It's incredibly beautiful. I always want to by swiss chard simply because of the beautiful colors! Ok, and on top of everything it is also delicious and healthy!
Beautiful photography! I am jealous about your garden!


It sure is delicious and so good for you. I do have a lot of gardens, they have always been a passion in my life.

Really beautiful!