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Thanks for posting bro, watched from 14:30 on and it was honestly helpful for me in this moment.


Very happy to hear this, my friend! :)

Gracias por la ayuda es realmente útil, visto desde las 14: 57


Gracias mi amigo :)

Hello, friend, it's an interesting topic, it's real that you can lose weight. I would like to extend a little more English so that I can have a clear picture of your video, it's a bit difficult for me to translate it, but many thanks for sharing your posts have been very interesting.

Amigo esto es súper importante lo que esta en este vídeo, ya que hay muchas personas con sobre peso que tratan de hacer una variedad de dietas para perder peso. Claro hay que llevar una dieta adecuada, ya que cada cuerpo es diferente, y llevar una alimentación balanceada y hacer ejercicio lo cual beneficia mucho nuestra salud. El vídeo fue visto a las 12:18

Hello, woow surprize video, it helps us to take better care of our health, and keep us with the right weight and healthy, a pleasure to read you very useful friend us, greetings.

SEEN FROM THE 15: 02.No magic formula to lose weight or get quickly to a change in lifestyle, weight and body fat reduction that is sustainable over time without an effort. SO THAT WE DEMONS. understand that the way to lose weight is the same as when we increase, that is, eating, not without eating, controlling anxiety. There must be a change that starts from your mind, in your understanding. Saying "I can", "can be achieved"

hi friend @robertgenito, sometimes we are surprised when we see an acquaintance who had other heavy weights and now we see it totally thin that has happened to me a lot here in venezuela but it is because of the situation of the country since people only have enough to Eat more vegetables and less fat. the important thing is to feel totally comfortable with our body and healthy. the only thing we can not lose in life is the SMILE, THE JOY AND THE WAY OF BEING. SEEN FROM 14:55

God lost weight has always been the dream of many people and most of all in women who tend to diets to look more "beautiful" but this simple weight loss is really fantastic that is why it is so striking, greetings and thanks for sharing with us :D

Many times we can feel that the motivation to lose weight fails, because at the beginning we started the diet with enthusiasm, but in the day to day we are tempted by the cakes, the beers or the armchair. It is normal that it costs, and that there are times when we feel that all the effort is not very useful, because the results may be slow, but we must remember that losing weight will help our health, self-esteem, our well-being and to see each other best. seen from 15:09

Happy afternoon, and happy to read your post once again, this simple weight loss video is of great benefit to us because we can see that everything is possible in life and want is power, it is a way to guide us and show us how we can achieve it a thousand thanks for supporting us.

Weight loss will always be something vital for human beings, that's why the great majority of overweight people make many types of diet to try to control their body, one of the best ways to do it is to avoid eating meat and that contains a lot of fat and eat more vegetables that would be paramount. Greetings friend @robertgenito
excellent video friend, seen from the 14:30

Loved it at 2 points especially,
1: 2:20 Yeahhh, I got an excuse, i dont have to do it :D
2: As you mentioned, right you eat wheat (it takes less water) then you drink water afterwards :D

Losing weight - in its proper measure - is fundamental for our health. Who has not had extra pounds? I am not in favor of losing weight excessively or with strict diets that are not at all healthy. Yes I agree to lose weight to be healthy and feel good about ourselves. And the only way to achieve this is to have habits that make us good, that are not extreme and that fill us with vitality. seen from 15:06