Welcome To The STEEMIT Friend Train

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The idea of the Friend Train is really just to boost followers and engagement here on Steemit.
So here is what you need to do to get involved.

1/ Follow me as the Original Poster and every passenger on the train.
2/ Comment in the comments section that you would like to be added to the train and you will be listed below
3/ Re-seem the post to bring a wider audience in (More People To Follow You)
4/ UpVote the post - The more Steem Power we generate the more we can boost you

The Friend Train




@infobunny I would like to join the train, thank you! Hope this train is growing with more new joiners!

Please can i be listed in the friends train as well?.

Welcome to Steemit, check out this blog for many other South Africans to follow.
Don't forget to send me a message when you have created your first blog and I will share it.
Have fun and interact, comments can also do well on Steemit.
Lots of Luck, Gren-Hilda

have you completed the steps above?

Im busy clicking on all the names to follow them.

I have finally got all followed in the list. Also came across some awesome feeds from some of the people. Thanks

that is good to hear

Hello my friend . Thanks for sharing Post

Please my friend I would like to get your support here your vote great honor

I'm getting on the Steem train too! :D

Awesome gif Oleg!

Thank you! I cannot take credit for it, however. I just found it somewhere in the vastness of the Internet. :) Didn't you also use it to illustrate one of your posts?

Great follow the instructions above. When i get back online i will add everyone.

Toot toot that GIF is smokin

Haha, it's smoking and steaming! It's STEEMing!!

Don't forget me, I did all the steps! :)


The Friend Train has been #UPDATED 13/06/2017

let me know you have seen this update!

Very original idea!

Thanks noticed many saying they are following the list but are not, sad. ♥
You are AMAZING!
Honesty is the best policy ;)

That will happen in the same way that they will follow and un follow 5 mins later, but a good % will stick and we unfollow those who dont.

I've seen it, it will take quite a while now because the list is getting pretty long- could there be a "follow all" button? Vetting everyone is going to be time-consuming, but worth it.

unfortunately there is no follow all but you could use Linky on google chrome and drag across the and open all links and then just click through quickly following and closing

I have seen this and really need your support! :)

I am.still not in the list????

Let get to steem track. Nice post

have you completed all the steps

Yes I did..i am excited ☺

I am on to be your steemfriend

I love seeing these great initiatives. I'm onboard the Steem Train 🚂 toot toot

Great follow the instructions above

@infobunny do me the honor and add me to the #freindtrain... haha... love this idea! Great!

I want to be on the Steem Train as well! :)

Well, I AM a big fan of trains... :D

Great follow the instructions above

if i missed anyone let me know ... now it's over to you, follow everyone on the list and tell your friends. Let's grow the Friend Train!

I completed the steps and I am not added in the train.. can you please add me?

I would love to be on the friend train!

Great follow the instructions above

All four done! Great initiative here! Thanks for putting this together!

Your welcome when i get back online i will get you added

i would like to be added to the train

voted and followed

Great you will be added

add me on the train thx

Great follow the instructions above

victoire.pngchoogochoogochoogo ...
I'm in, friends ! ^_^

Of course... it was already done ;-)


@infobunny @uwelang @detlev (we know each other already) @dutchess @leongkhan following all of you guys! #upvoted

Thanks please re-steem to spread the word

That's a good initiative.

thanks just get involved we will add you and see where it goes

@infobunny, add me to the train. I'm interested to know more about the plan.

welcome onboard just follow the instructions above.. if we can get it moving your follows will go up

added, just follow the 4 steps now

Done and Done!

Please add me to this train :P

have you completed the steps

I wants in on the steam train.

have you completed the steps

Have not had time. I was stuck on my phone all day yesterday and couldnt really add everybody as quickly as possible.

YES iam with you i like this train adventure lets hit some steem yeahaaa.

... is tHERE still RooM for 'me' ??? - ))
i'm ON ... 'in' ((???)) ... ha ha ))))

... i LOVE t-RAIN-s !!!!!! - )))
SO reLAXING ... unless YOU get ON with my FRienDS ?? -))

... then ITS a P-ART-Y !!! - )))

greb'Z )

... PumpeD & reSTEEMed !! - ))

PleasE support .. the following PosT - )))

.. i'm NOT accepting payment -))

The POST is not ... FOR ME - )))
.. thanks for YOUr attention - )))

of course have you requested on the latest update... be quick it is about to be updated again

How do I get on this amazing train :-)

you follow the steps above

Yes! I would like to be added to the train! CHOOOOOO CHOOOOOOO
upvoted, rechoo chooed.

Done the steps, so let me join.

Great. Exciting and waiting to see my name in the list.

Ok lets see where this train goes, add me please, all follows, upvotes, re-steems and replies completed

Great will add you when i get back on and make an update post

Followed the instructions, add me to that list!!! Good post, keep it up!

Thank you, it will be done

Wow, love this! I am gonna follow all of the peeps in the train now. This is a good idea! So, as asked, up vote!

Up voted, please add me to the list, gonna add all of the members now :) and after that resteem :) Thanks

My fellow passengers! What a great variety of people. @infobuffy all the steps are complete. Could you add me to the list?

you need to request on the latest update check my feed for the latest update

hi im new, can i join the the friend train.

Great follow the instructions above

Are there any tickets left? If so I would like to buy one. What is the price? I have little to offer but cat pictures and a small amount of humor on my good days. I don't even know how to enter my avatar...Thank you @infobunny

the price is following all the passengers, upvoting and resteeming ;-)

I don't resteem unless it's something like @darthnava and I don't wash windows. Am I still in? I do upvote till my finger hurts...

Hey! Nice idea :) would be amazing if you could add me to the train 😊

please get me on the train my friend! :D

Done as advised..great idea. Add me to the train @infobunny I wanna ride to success and take you guys with me

Very cool welcome i will get you added

Great..looking forward to it...cant wait to jump inthe train for ride to our collective success

Please add us, ALL ABOARD !!!!

Great follow the instructions above

Already done ;)

Good idea! Add me to The Friend Train please.

have you completed the steps

As far as I know I did. If not just tell me what I still have to do.

just Upvote, Resteem and follow the passengers

I have followed all the passengers : ) I would like to board please XD

I'm jumping on the steem train too!

great have you completed the steps

I'm giving an upvote for the idea as it's a cool one. I'll just be a train observer though.

Nah, I like to manually curate my feed so generally follow people producing content I engage with. Don't want the burden of having to follow someone because they followed me, especially if they don't even like my content.

To each their own, though. Like I said, I like the idea and it will probably gain some good momentum. Just not my cup of tea.

That is a fair comment

Im following

I appreciate that very much.

your welcome

You don't want to be added?

upvoted, resteemed & followed this steemit friend train. Please let me hop onboard 🚅🚅🚅 .
Cheers @infobunny

It will be done


A very interesting idea.

awesome idea. would love to be added to the steam train x)

Great follow the instructions above

Dex that is one of my Most Favorite Personson this earth

hell yeah eveyone get on the train

Great follow the instructions above

there was suppose to be the request to join the train but it didnt post just the vid

Hi, I would like to join the train :)

Follow the instructions above

Done. Resteemed, followed and upvoted

followed everyone?

Great idea! Please add me to the STEEM train as well! :)

follow all the steps above ;-)

Hey thanks man! I did :)

I'd love to jump on the train!

I'll go through this post and follow everyone on my lunch break at work.

great and resteem and upvote ;-)

Got that part done 😀 and a few of the follows as well.

Very good idea :-) that's a large list, but my followers numbers are catching my following fast, so I'll get on in !

great post !.jpg

My Signature Post ---> Fun & Has Great Misic ! feedback always welcome

Life is Good @ steemit.com

great welcome i will add you on the next update

Very good , thank you :-)
I'm working my way down the list, while trying to do chores LOL

Hey, I'd like a one way ticket to successville please. :-)

have you completed the steps?

P.S. It's resteem not reseem unless we're talking about some trousers? LOL

I've followed you, resteemed and up voted. \o/

Ok, I'm all aboard! Followed everyone on the list, upvoted, resteemed!

oh and please add me :)

have you completed the steps above?

I hope you won't forget about adding us to the post =)

i won't it won't be updated again until the morning, there is one update per day otherwise i will be updating all day, you can see how active it is ;-)

I would definitely like to be added on the train:) Thank you for your contributionism!

You are very welcome.

Im getting onboard :D
Finished the instructions

Hi @infobunny


I really enjoy your creativity. Let me know where you need my help!

Thanks i will let you know

Hi Detlev goodto meet here again! Grtz Judith

Please add me to the Friend Train!