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When I moved to this wonderful beautiful island my friend applied for a job at the airlines. "That way I can see you more often" she said.
She applied and got hired.
It took a while before she got on the "Caribbean Schedule" but nowadays she visits me often working as a flight attendant and stays for a few days on my island most of my friends are working for the airline.

Then it is party time. I have to be a tourist on my own island. Lay on the beach, go out for lunch and dinner and all. Talk...and talk.
Drive around the island and be amazed by things I see daily.
I skip work to do it later to be with my friends.

When the time comes for them to leave I have to recollect, get up with my schedule, work like an asshole getting everything done I skipped and fit it all in one day and end up totally exhausted.

It takes me a few days to recover and then the next message comes to me with love.
"Hi sweetie I fly in tomorrow so happy to see you, meet me at the lobby of the hotel okay".

And there I go again.
The thing is that they are the people that really care about me and that I really care about them. Friendship is not defined by distance, borders or whatever. Friendship is when friends are happy to see you and you get exhausted to be with them because you love them in a special way.

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Aw I love this so much. I'm currently living away from my friends too (they're in Australia and I'm in Hawaii). Definitely not defined by distance!!

Beautiful photo!
Good friends are a gift of life!