A journey with her ...

in #friendship2 years ago


A day before the operation.

My closest friend almost lost her life due to ovarian cancer. It only took a few months after we've met, she then struggles to live.

While she strives to live, here I am reflecting on how good it would be to not struggle to die. That whenever you'll wish to, you can just close your eyes in peace forever. That no one will cry for you nor beg to bring back the spirit of life. And in one snap there the promise heaven be truly yours. No need to be perfect and act according to what they called "standards".

If only life is just a drama, carefully scripted to its happy ending. When every behind the scenes is just a review of laughter with friends... Hmmmp ( clear throat... ) Anyways, her smile is back again.


A week after the operation.

Though deep inside of me feels like " it's just for a moment "... but this precious moment is all I want this time.

Cheer up! "Life is a gift and not a right." Ajah!!!


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