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…continued… from part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10 and part 11.


You have to believe the best of your partner. Seek to focus on your partner’s strength rather than the shortfalls all the time. Approach is really vital. When you believe the best of your partner, you won’t listen to what he or she isn’t saying; you won’t always be on the defensive since you will know he wasn’t trying to attack you but to improve you and you won’t take things to heart too much. Believe the best of your partner. Be his pillar, his strength and his number one fan. He needs your loyalty, love and respect first, above all else.

When you believe the best of your partner, it is an expression of love and goodwill. Don’t break your marriage over trivialities. I can remember telling you about a couple that caused a stir over how not to press a toothpaste tube. I pointed out that little things as this can cause a fight but I didn’t tell you they actually broke up and divorced over it. No admittance of wrong. No desire to seek to know. No humility whatsoever. What happened to google? Google it and see the best way to press it if the other person is in denial? What happened to not ‘lording’ it over the other person that was wrong? What happened to being humble in ‘defeat?’ Because you are wrong today doesn’t mean you won’t be ‘right’ tomorrow. Relationship shouldn’t be about keeping scores. Breaking up a marriage over something as minute as that is really a cause for concern, because I wonder what they have been doing with each other all this while and what they have known of each other till this point. A relationship built on genuine friendship shouldn’t be ripped into shreds over toothpaste tube. It breaks my heart to know how things like this can bring marriage to disrepute.


You can successfully cohabit even with a devil; it just takes the right kind of understanding. Sit down and talk things over. Sit down as a couple and discuss just about anything. No one is trying to win here, but you should both seek for how to keep your relationship functional, I mean with happiness and friendship involved.

A couple that talks about everything are really on the right path and you should be deliberate about having an understanding partner. I learned of a wedding that was called off as a result of the lady’s ex showing up and telling the husband that he was with the ‘wife to be’ even as at the eve to their wedding and the woman couldn’t help but to shed tears. Maybe the ex knew of an ugly past of this lady and he has been using it against her, which makes him have sexual relations with her at will, and now it came back to bite her as this same man just ruined her wedding. What if she had discussed it with her ‘husband to be’? It would have saved her a lifetime of misery and shame. Discuss everything, I mean anything with your partner.

…to be continued…

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Just talking can help in resolving many big not only in relationship but everywhere . even bigger political issues get sorted with just a talk. Just you need to initiate one to get solution . or just keep sharing everything and make him realise tye importance of him in your life👌

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Hahahahahah!!! Lol
I know that gist about the couple who quarreled over the toothpaste tube, sadly that marked the end of the marriage (lack of understanding and Pride).
My keyword from this mind blowing episode of the series is "TALK"
There is no limit to what spouses or couple should talk about. Everything and Anything deserved to be talked about. I often tell most ladies whether he is interested or not tell him Everything ypu think he needs to know, and this brings me what i always tell any lady, Dont let me find out anything myself.
It is always a devastating experience.
I really appreciate this post and thanks for sharing it. Cheers.

At present, the world has reached a stage that marriage, love does not last. Everyone wants to live alone independently

True love never fails. Which you know as divorce. Real love couples get two lives in one life

When your partner is your best friend i think thats the best part of any relationship.respect,love,trust are main thing of any successful relationship.i love your every post.through your every post so many things can learn.i hope you will continue it..

You are always right.
Love is the name of feelings, it's not about physical relation.
What does a person want is respect. Do respect and have respect. Be loyal to each other. And take every response as positive to live a happy life.