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We don’t have to live life averagely and without caution. We need to be sensitive to those around us and things around us. We need to learn off people as regarding how people are and also pick one or two lessons along the way as we are growing too.

Be sensitive to the people you have around you. Being sensitive is not the same as being suspicious. A lot of people would go around second guessing everyone they come across without giving those people the chance to be who they are supposed to be. They second guess everything so much that they have lost credible relationships along the way. When you are sensitive, it means you have enough light to know when someone fake or someone toxic or someone negative enters into your space.

Being sensitive will serve as a warning to you so you can be cautious or careful about such a person so they won’t gain an advantage in your space so as to exploit you or drain your emotions. You need to guard and guide your heart against such people. Be careful those you allow into your space. Make sure you study every man’s content before feeding it to your soul. Time is a true 'revealer' of everything and with time and due diligence; sensitivity, you will know who is who.


There are some people who will just hate you without a reason. There are some people that will easily judge you even before they can get to know you. It is not so much about what you have done sometimes, but about who they are; their background, their upbringing or their exposure. There are some people that will come close to you by the virtue of what you have and not necessarily because they want to be good to you.

I shared a story about those who came around that time when my dad was around and the moment he died and their source of ripping off is gone, they didn’t bother to come around to see where and how they can be of any good for the good times they have enjoyed. Those people will always want to receive and never think of giving back.

…to be continued…

Thank you for your time.

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Dear friend!
Man is considered the best in sensitive creatures because humans have the most active brain to meditate. This property attracts man from the people. It is not responsible for being sensitive that we are only sensitive to mankind, but it is necessary to be sensitive to all those things that affect our life
Thank you for your awesome mindset

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This is brilliant. We should indeed not only be sensitive to other humans but to things that can affect our lives. It ranges from the tiniest of things to the biggest things. We need to do better and see better. Guarding our heart with all diligence is key!

Thanks a lot, my friend.

The only thing that differentiate us from other animals is the ability to use our mind, process idea, which make us to be sensitive enough to what we see around and how we react to them. We can't just work only with instinct because it is not enough if we are to be sensitively alert to people and things around us.


I love the word; alert. We need to be alert to things around us. We need to process, meditate, and sense danger far before they reach us. We need to be objective and then guard our hearts. Being sensitive is different from being suspicious.

Thanks a lot, brother.