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in friends •  15 days ago

Had a great afternoon with all of my friends, mostly eating and playing alot of games on the Switch.


We ran through titles like Smash, Overcooked 2, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis and Arms! Fortunately I had bought 2 more controllers, so we all managed to have alot of game time.


It was not really a countdown party, because we held it on a afternoon, and on the 30th haha. Not everyone was able to make it on the 31st. Either way, it was really fun and the next gathering would probably be for Chinese New Years!

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Read that January in Singapore would be really hot with temperatures reaching almost 34. dang. I hope the weather can be kinder this year as well. And I can't wait to go for holidays!! I have something on the next 2 weeks which prevents me from leaving SG, T.T

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! Cant wait for cny gathering! 😊


Overcooked is total chaosssss!
Time to learn how to cook faster

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