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The time we spend with each friend
It is what makes each friend so important.
Friendships are made up of little pieces.
Little pieces of time that one experiences with each person.
It does not matter how much time
let's move with each friend,
but the quality of the time we live with each person.
Five minutes can be
more important than a whole day.

Thus, there are friendships made of laughter and pain;
others from the school, others from outings, movies and fun;
there are also those that are born and we do not know why,
but we know that they are present.
Maybe they are made of shared silences
or of mutual sympathy that has no explanation.

We learn to love people
without judging them by their appearance or way of being,
without being able to label them
(as we sometimes do unconsciously).


The time we spend with each friend
is what makes it important.
Because the time "lost with friends
there is no time is earned, taken advantage of, lived.
They are memories for a moment or for a lifetime.
A friend becomes important to us
and we for him, when we are able,
even in his absence, of laughing or crying, of wondering
or want to be close to him
just to enjoy your company.
We can have various best friends, just in different ways.
The most important thing is to know how to make the most of
every minute lived and have after,
in our memories, hours to spend with them,
even if they are far away.

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