A Fine Cigar & Single Malt Scotch! Cobalt Club in Colorado Springs

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It seems like the only thing being smoked anymore in Colorado is legal Marijuana but, tonight I got invited by a friend of mine to visit the private Cobalt Club here in Colorado Springs.
Now this place is not your run of the mill cigar club, it’s much nicer than I expected. Complete with nice lounging areas to enjoy a good cigar along with big screen TVs to check out the game and a beautiful pool table. I have lived here since 1980 but I have never been to this club. My friend Jeremiah is a member here and has invited me at least 10 times in the last two years but I was never able to make it work to meet up with him,
The best part about being a member here is not only do you get a humidor locker to store your stogies but you can also bring in your own alcohol to drink because they don’t have a liquor license and it’s not open to the public. Tonight we chose some fine single barrel Scotch Whiskey to sip on with these smokes.
Below I am posting a link where you can take a 3D virtual tour of this club so you may see what the inside of the cigar club looks like. It’s a nice place to have a meeting or catch up with one of your good friends.

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Can't go wrong with a cigar sometimes.... Even though most the times I'm cracking open the cheap cigars and putting some flower inside it lol.

Enjoy yourself mate.

I have never been in a real smoke club, they are sort of like old-time gentlemen's clubs, very elite and discretionary, except for the fact that I know a couple of women that made a point of going in one. (For the record, they were military women, although, what difference, right?)

Anyway, I will be sailing away on Superbowl Sunday (Noooo!!!!!) but, will watch the game from the ship, although not in their cigar club. (Can you believe some ships have cigar clubs???) But, I will be watching just in case Tom needs some moral support. :)

You are a good ole guy, and next year, I just know we are going to meet on the field, beak to beak. Then you'll invite me to this fancy cigar club and I can see what all the talk is about. They always rant about how nice they are.

By then, surely you will have joined, right? I am off to take the 3D tour!

!tip (Oh, I am rich again!)

I agree with you, there is nothing better to sit in a cozy club with a friend, drink whiskey and smoke a cigar. I already envy :)

There is something about private clubs! I went to the Mid America Club in Chicago and LOVED IT!


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That is one fine looking club.

In Thailand it is more or less usual to bring your own liquir especially wine as they usually dont serve it. Some stores take a service fee for that others not.

I like that.

I’m not much of a smoker Nor drinker. So such places doesn’t interest me much. But it looks so cool though.

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Good place for leisure. If the weather is still bad, the best pastime. Where you relax with body and soul

Oh yes @broncnutz, a very interesting club and it looks like can relax and have a nice time here!

That's all one need to enjoy the day in style

incredible your post dear friend.
the beautiful photo @broncnutz

Smoking is injurious for health 🤐😂

Our political member really like cigars. Thats so great. Life is to short lets make it fun. Really very amazing and beautiful club. Our mind relaxation are very important. Life is nothing without friends. Thanks for sharing.@broncnutz.

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Cancer is due to smoking