The Nature of Flow (5)

The Nature of Flow (5)
Electricity exhibits behavior similar to flowing water when flowing through an area
Upon reaching a particular threshold, electrons as a whole will travel the path of least resistance to the destination
Imagine One has two wires with different resistance levels
When electrons begin to flow, they will pick to traverse both wires in a random distribution
If the resistance in one wire builds up faster than the other, the electrons will naturally shift to traversing the other wire instead
This variability continues until there is a consistent orderly flow through the two wires to the destination
As an analogy, imagine two doors leading out of a movie small and one large
The first few people will choose which ever door due to lack of resistance that has yet to build up from other people
However as traffic builds up among the small door and flow slows, more people will pick the bigger door to get out quicker than they would otherwise in the small door
It is interesting to note similarities in human behavior to the Natural Forces
Such pattern recognition grounds us in our Being and Oneness with the Universe and Dao
Embrace the Forces of Nature...
And One will follow The Way as intended
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